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Na Gong-joo (Hangul: 나공주) was the mother of Jan-di and Kang-san, and wife of Geum Il-bong.


Adult life[]

Gong-joo married her husband, Geum Il-bong. They had two children, Jan-di and Kang-san. When Jan-di was young, Il-bong opened a dry cleaners which the family lived above.[1]

Jan-di at Shinhwa[]

The family was visited by Jung Sang-rok to offer Jan-di a scholarship to Shinhwa School after she saved a student's life. When she tried to refuse, Gong-joo insisted that Jan-di would attend. Jan-di was angry with her mother, whom informed her that the opportunity was "like winning the lottery." From then on, Gong-joo tried to take care of Jan-di's skin and watched her weight. She wanted her daughter to meet a rich boy to hopefully marry someday.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

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