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"Challenges await you that may be more trying than poverty. Your passion will bide you while you're young. But life is long."
—The gentleman[src]

The mysterious gentleman (謎の紳士 () Nazo no shinshi) was an old friend of Kaede Domyoji. At the request of Tsukushi Makino's parents, Kaede asked him to devise a test for Tsukushi and Tsukasa Domyoji. He was helped by his associate, Sonny.


Early life[]


A photo of him and Kaede

He and Kaede Domyoji had been friends for several years. He mentioned making her soup when he was twenty.[1] At some point, he acquired a sprawling estate in Kyoto.

Tiara plot[]

In early 2011, Kaede brought Tsukushi Makino's parents, Haruo and Chieko, to him. They had some concerns about their daughter marrying Kaede's son Tsukasa. He then began devising a plan to test their relationship. The trial kicked off when he had his employee Sonny steal "The Smile of Venus" tiara, which actually was not real. The couple traveled to Las Vegas to find clues about the thief. They unknowingly completed the first stage of the plot, before going to Hong Kong for the second. There the mysterious gentleman and his employee sold the tiara back to them at a black market auction.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa were put to sleep on the plane back to Japan. They were then taken to the third stage, a deserted island. Once they survived the ordeal, they were brought to the gentleman's house in Kyoto. He explained everything to them, including the fake tiara and Tsukushi's parents' concerns. After seeing Tsukasa thank Tsukushi's parents, he told Kaede "he's really turned out great."

Physical appearance[]

He was an older gentleman most likely in his sixties. His short hair was black except his beard and mustache, which was white. He clothing choices were simplistic, consisting of blazers, button-down shirts, and turtlenecks.

Personality and traits[]

Like his name implied, he was mysterious and little information about him was revealed. His personality was serious, calm and collected. He was also surprisingly agile for a man his age.

Behind the scenes[]

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