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Momonozono Academy (桃乃園学院 (もものぞのがくいん) Momonozono Gakuin) is a high school in Japan with a "nouveau riche image."[1] The school's former rival is the established Eitoku Academy, with whom they have since formed a partnership. Its star pupil and student council president Tenma Hase was the chief attraction for new applicants. A Los Angeles branch was also opened.



Tenma, student body president

Kaito: "That's the new academy that's been all the buzz lately."
Airi: "Oh, I've heard of it! The whole school is like an amusement park. They even have a river that makes you feel like you're in Venice."
— Momonozono, a new and popular school[src]

Momonozono is a relatively new school and had an overall "nouveau riche image." It soon formed a rivalry with the already established Eitoku Academy.[1] In recent years, the school gained an eighteen percent increase in student applications while Eitoku suffered a twenty percent decrease.[2] Momonozono "spared no expense" in decorating the school in order to increase enrollment. Nonetheless, the main attraction remained its star pupil, Tenma Hase. He was also the charismatic president of its student council.[3] The Hase family became involved with Momonozono during its inception.[4] Tenma's vice president was Hitoshi Konoe, whom was known for being harsh on his fellow council members.[5]

Tenma later faced off against Haruto Kaguragi, leader of Eitoku's Correct 5 at the "Manly Man Festival." The competition was described as "a battle between Eitoku and Momonozono."[6] Most of Momonozono's students attended it. They were confident that Tenma would win after his easy victory in the first round.[7] As such, the students of Momonozono were "devastated" when Haruto ended up winning since Tenma forfeited the contest.[8] A couple weeks later, Tenma formed a partnership between his school and Eitoku with Haruto's help.[9] Momonozono and Eitoku began holding joint classes together once a week. Several students became fans of the Correct 5, similar to their admiration for Tenma. A shared summer school was also held.[10] It was supervised by Momonozono's student council and the Correct 5.[11]

Following the summer school, Momonozono started preparations for the fall opening of its sister school in Los Angeles. The student council began thinking up ways to promote the school while showcasing Momonozono's spirit.[12] Tenma later decided to transfer to the Los Angeles school as a representative of the main branch.[4] Konoe subsequently followed him.[13] Much like in Japan, Tenma became a well-respected and popular leader at the school in Los Angeles.[14] A week or so later, another branch was opening in San Francisco. Tenma was going to represent the new school. Konoe helped him prepare his power point materials. The opening was going to be live-streamed in Japan and America. It was considered important as it was Momonozono's second international initiative.[15]


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Momonozono's sign in the drama

  • Momonozono appears in the 2018 drama, Hana Nochi Hare (2018). In the drama, the school uses leisure activities and new technologies to attract students. Momonozono's students also consider Eitoku as their rival. Like in the manga, the students all admire Tenma.



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