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Not to be confused with Momoko Otaishi.

Momoko Kikuchi (菊池 桃子 (きくち ももこ) Kikuchi Momoko, born May 4, 1968 in Shinagawa, Japan) is an actress and former J-pop singer. She portrayed Yukie Edogawa in Hana Nochi Hare: Hanadan Next Season.


Early life[]

Kikuchi was born on May 4, 1968 in Tokyo.[1] She was scouted after an agent spotted her photo at a restaurant managed by Kikuchi's aunt.[2]


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In 1983, she became the image girl for the magazine, Momoco, and began appearing regularly on the variety show, Gakuen Variety Pants no Ana. Kikuchi released her first single "Seishun no Ijiwaru" on April 21, 1984.[3] The same year, she appeared in her first film, Pants no Ana.[4]

Personal life[]

In 1995, Kikuchi married golfer Tetsu Nishikawa whom she later divorced in 2012.[5] Their first child, a son, was born in 1996. Her following pregnancy was a still birth. In 2001, she gave birth to their daughter.[6] Her daughter suffered from cerebral infarction in infancy and had paralysis on her left hand and foot.[7] Kikuchi remarried in November 2019 to Hiroaki Niihara, a senior official at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. They met in 2015 at a national conference, but did not start dating until early 2019.[8][9]


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  • Kikuchi celebrated her birthday on May 4, 2018 on the set of Hana Nochi Hare.[10] A cake with her character's picture on it was presented to her.[11]


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