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"Will you always stay by Tenma's side for me?"
—Miyoko to Oto before her death[src]

Miyoko Hase (馳 美代子 (はせ みよこ) Hase Miyoko) was the mother of Tenma and wife of Kazuma Hase until her death. Her best friend was Yukie Edogawa. Prior to her death, Miyoko arranged for the engagement of her son and Oto Edogawa.


Miyoko was born on September 12, 1973.[1] She married Kazuma Hase, the founder of the successful IT company Hase Live. They had one son, Tenma. Her best friend was Yukie Edogawa and their two families became close. They eventually arranged an engagement between their children.[2]

Miyoko became terminally ill, before her son entered high school.[2] She asked Oto Edogawa to "stay by Tenma's side for [her]", which she accepted. Miyoko died on October 15, 2016.[1] Her husband later married Rie, who allowed the engagement between Tenma and Oto to continue.[3]

Physical appearance

Miyoko's photo at her funeral

Miyoko was in her forties at the time of her death. She had a nice face, which gave off a benevolent vibe. Prior to her illness, Miyoko had shoulder-length brown hair. She later used a scarf to cover her head.

Personality and traits

She had a kind and caring personality, making her a beloved wife, mother, and friend. Her death caused much distress for her family and friends. She worried about her son's future happiness, leading her to ask Oto to take care of him just before dying.

Behind the scenes

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