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"Miyoko and I...we always said that someday we'd become family through our children. Though now, it's become her last wish..."
Yukie Edogawa tears up while talking about Miyoko[src]

Miyoko Hase (馳 美代子 (はせ みよこ) Hase Miyoko) was the late mother of Tenma and the first wife of Kazuma Hase. She was the best friend of Yukie Edogawa, whom she met in college. Their families became close and Miyoko even thought of Oto like her own daughter. She and Yukie made a verbal agreement for their children to be engaged to each other.


Early life[]

Miyoko attended and graduated from the same college as her best friend, Yukie Edogawa.[2]

Adult life[]


Her funeral photo

After college, Miyoko married Kazuma Hase and gave birth to their son, Tenma.[2] She and Yukie would meet once a month with their children, Tenma and Oto. They both harbored hopes that their children would marry someday and made a verbal agreement to it. Miyoko died sometime during winter when Tenma was still in elementary school.[1] After her death, Kazuma was remarried to Mirei Hase. She disapproved of Tenma's and Oto's engagement.[3] Their betrothal continued until Tenma decided to end it for Oto's sake.[4]

Physical appearance[]

Miyoko sported several different hairstyles. In a photograph from her college graduation, she had long hair that fell past her shoulders. She parted the majority of her bangs to the right. In another photo, Miyoko's hair was styled as a long bob that curled toward the bottom. Another hairstyle she had was a short, curly bob. The rest of her features were simple, though soft and gentle.

Personality and traits[]

Noted as being kind, she was remembered well by her family and friends. Miyoko was fond of her best friend Yukie and thought of Oto like she was her own daughter.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes



Keiko Horiuchi as Miyoko

  • Keiko Horiuchi plays Miyoko in several flashbacks in Hana Nochi Hare (2018).[5] In the drama, Miyoko is depicted as having died when Tenma was in middle school. She is also shown to be close to Oto, whom she asks to stay by her son's side shortly before her death. Her birth and death dates are also revealed in episode three.



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