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Erika: "We can't even talk to those guys! Who does she think she is?"
Minako: "That girl gets under my skin."
— Minako and Erika discuss Tsukushi[src]

Minako Yamano (山野 美奈子 (やまの みなこ) Yamano Minako) was a member of Lilies with her best friends Yuriko Asai and Erika Ayuhara. She was a student at Eitoku Academy. Minako and her friends often bullied Tsukushi Makino, because they were jealous of the attention she got from the F4. They also sometimes pretended to be her friend.


High school[]

Minako was a student of Eitoku Academy. In high school, she was in the same homeroom as her best friends, Yuriko Asai and Erika Ayuhara. Tsukushi Makino was also in their class.[1]

Bullying Tsukushi[]


The girls arrive in Atami

Erika: "We spend an enormous amount of time and money in order to become perfect women to marry perfect men someday."
Minako: "Men like the ones from the F4."
Yuriko: "We can't stand having them stolen away from us by weeds like you!"
— Minako, Erika, and Yuriko to Tsukushi[src]

Minako and friends became jealous of Tsukushi, because of her interactions with the F4. One day, they wrote that she was a delinquent in middle school and had a child on their classroom's blackboard. They later made sure that Tsukushi saw them wiping off the words. Pretending to be nice, the three girls invited her to a casual party.[1] Once Tsukushi arrived, they proceeded to make fun of her clothes. Yuriko then berated her while Minako and Erika joined in. The girls appeared to have the upper hand until Tsukushi then revealed their true selves to the entire party. The next day, they told Tsukushi about Shizuka Todo, Rui Hanazawa's love. Minako then told her "We're in a different league from you" and Yuriko pushed her. Tsukasa Domyoji arrived and forced them to leave her alone.[2]

Sometime later, Tsukushi's friend Kazuya Aoike received a red card which led to a renewed interest in bullying Tsukushi. Minako and her friends found the two hiding. They promptly announced their location to the nearby mob.[3] A few days later, Minako and the others went with the F4 to Atami for summer vacation. The girls were annoyed to find Tsukushi there. Yuriko tried to talk Shizuka out of inviting Tsukushi to that night's party. She still invited her and even lent her a dress, making Minako and her friends jealous.[4] The next morning, it came to light that Tsukushi and Tsukasa had kissed during the previous night. Upon learning it, Minako called her a "creep." They then laughed at Tsukushi when Rui dismissed her pleas that it was an accident. That night, they went to Tsukasa's squid cookout.[5]

Fall term[]


Minako and the others pretend to be Tsukushi's friend

Yuriko: "I had no idea! You're wearing a mask under all that?"
Minako: "I'm impressed. This is what plastic surgery can do?"
— Minako and Yuriko make fun of Sakurako[src]

On the first day of the fall term, they overheard Tsukasa saying that Tsukushi liked him. Minako was incensed, saying "That girl gets under my skin." Yuriko then reminded the two of the video they had taken of Tsukushi and Rui. They showed it to him later that day. Minako corroborated Yuriko's lies, even adding her own. Tsukasa slapped Yuriko when she approached him. Minako and Erika ran over to her to make sure she was okay.[6] Some days later, the girls were talking about Shizuka returning to France. On the topic, Minako stated "I can't believe she'd give up her name like that."[7] They later made fun of Tsukushi, after Rui went to France. Tsukasa then entered the room to speak to Tsukushi. The girls were unable to hear what he said to Tsukushi, but were extremely curious.[8]

A few days later, Minako and the others heard that Tsukushi and Tsukasa were dating. The girls began acting friendly towards Tsukushi, ignoring all their previous animosity. They also nicknamed her "Tsuki." Later that day, the girls found Tsukushi talking to Sakurako Sanjo, whom immediately annoyed them. Minako then invited Tsukushi to go clubbing. She hesitated, so they basically dragged her along.[9] The next day, the girls revealed to Tsukushi that they had seen Sakurako a club the other day. Minako told her "She's probably using you to snag one of the F4." Tsukushi declared "She's not like that!" and promptly ran off.[10] Nevertheless, they continued pretending to be friends with Tsukushi until a photo of her and a foreigner was posted at school. The girls immediately began bullying her again.[11]

The next day, several students attacked Tsukushi while the rest of the school cheered. Yuriko said "You fooled us. Now it's payback time!" and Minako chimed in "Serves her right." The girls then held back Makiko Endo from interfering while Tsukushi was tied to a moving car.[12] The following day, Minako and her friends watched Tsukasa punish the male students who hurt Tsukushi the most.[13] The same day, Yuriko showed their class a yearbook which revealed Sakurako's old face. The girls quickly spread around the school that Sakurako had had plastic surgery. Later, they found her by herself and began to make fun of her. Minako said "This is what plastic surgery can do?" Sakurako did not reply to their taunts. Tsukushi yelled at them "What's so wrong about buying beauty?" and forced them to leave her alone.[14]

Canada trip[]


Minako and her friends angry about Tsukushi's magazine cover

Erika: "We really regret what happened in Canada."
Minako: "Not! Like we'd actually say that!"
Erika: "Thanks to us, you got up close and personal with Domyoji."
Minako: "You should be thanking us."
— Minako and Erika reveal that they are not sorry for their actions[src]

Yuriko later blamed Tsukushi for being the cause of Tsukasa kicking Rui out of the F4. Rui overheard and told the girls "Sounds like the pots are calling the kettle black."[15] Shortly, Tsukasa announced that he was going to have Tsukushi and Rui expelled. Minako and her friends were happy. The next day, they were excited about Tsubaki Domyoji showing up at the school. They were irritated that Tsukushi was unaware about her "legend" status and told her in great length about her feats. Seconds later, Tsubaki walked up and dragged Tsukushi away. Minako was speechless.[16] The next day, a basketball game was held to decide if Tsukushi and Rui would remain at Eitoku. Minako cheered for Tsukasa's team with her friends and Sakurako. They were disappointed when Tsukasa called off the match at the last second.[17]

Minako and her friends later heard that Tsukasa was going to lend one million yen to Tsukushi if she came to Canada for him. They boarded the same plane as her and the rest of the F4. Upon landing in Canada, Sojiro Nishikado told them to stop following them. The girls then declared "Makino invited us, after all!" Later, they watched Tsukushi and Tsukasa together which made the girls jealous. That night, Yuriko told Tsukushi that she saw her friend go outside.[18] Tsukasa went out after Tsukushi and returned with her in the morning. He promptly splashed water on the girls and yelled at them to leave. Tsukushi stopped him, saying "It's okay." The girls then began crying. Sakurako punished them by forcing them to cook breakfast for Tsukushi and Tsukasa. They did so nervously, fearing a far harsher punishment being dealt.[19]

After returning home, the girls confronted Tsukushi. Erika said "We really regret what happened in Canada," followed by Minako saying "Not! Like we'd actually say that!" They insinuated that she should be thankful since she was able to get closer to Tsukasa. Yuriko then tripped Tsukushi. Suddenly, several books fell from above and landed on the girls. Minako called the culprit a "moron" as they walked off.[20] Sometime later, the girls saw Tsukushi on a magazine cover with the model, Jun. Minako was angry, saying "How'd that hog wind up with that job?" A few days later, the girls were surprised to see Jun with Tsukushi at school.[21] Later, Tsukushi got another red card though it turned out not to from the F4. The girls then saw Tsukushi with a new haircut, causing them to laugh uncontrollably.[22]

Tsukasa's fiancée[]


Minako and the others read about the exchange program

Yuriko: "But she's the perfect match for Domyoji, isn't she?"
Minako: "That's right. If he'd wound up with Tsukushi Makino, it would have been downright embarrassing."
— Minako discussing Shigeru with her friends[src]

Minako and Yuriko watched Tsukushi stab her notebook several days later. She whispered "Makino's finally snapped," speculating that it was because Tsukasa was dating someone else. Yuriko then loudly said that Tsukasa was "toying with her from the start." Tsukushi threatened the stab the two with her broken pencil. They fled in terror.[23] When Tsukasa's fiancée Shigeru Okawahara transferred to Eitoku, Minako and her friends decided to "get back at Tsukushi." They cornered her on campus and said rude things to her until Shigeru interrupted. The girls were surprised to learn that she was friends with Tsukushi. They then left after she threatened to have them expelled.[24] Sometime later, Minako and the others became interested in the school's exchange program. They decided to take the exam for it, as did Tsukushi.[25]

Tsukushi ended up passing the exam, much to the girls' disbelief. Yuriko said aloud that she thought she cheated and Minako agreed. Kazuya defended Tsukushi, but Sakurako cut him off, pointedly saying "You'll catch their rottenness." The girls turned their attention to the newly arrived F4.[26] The following day, they said "If it isn't our special exchange student" to Tsukushi when she passed by. She left them in shock by responding "I gave that up."[27] Tsukasa and Shigeru stopped coming to school. Minako and her friends shifted their attention from bullying Tsukushi to another "commoner." Yuriko later informed Minako and Erika about Tsukasa's wedding. Minako was surprised since they were still in high school. They gathered with the other students to say goodbye to the couple and witnessed Tsukushi climb onto the ship.[28]

Physical appearance[]

Minako was the tallest of her friends with Erika being the shortest. Her long, dark brown hair was usually curled in a ringlet style. She also often wore a black headband at school. Outside of school, Minako was often experimenting with her hairstyles.

Personality and traits[]

Much like her friends, Minako was a mean person. She disliked Tsukushi because she was poor and became jealous of her interactions with the F4. Minako and her friends had a shared goal of marrying rich men, setting their sights on the F4. Their hatred for Tsukushi slowly grew, because they rarely had any opportunities to speak to the F4 members.

Behind the scenes[]

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Minako (middle) in the film

  • Sato also voices her in Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997).[30] Set in a different universe, Minako is a dancer in New York City. Her personality is exactly as it is in the series.



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