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Mimasaka Mansion (美作邸 (みまさかてい) Mimasaka-tei) is the residence of the Mimasaka family in Tokyo, Japan. Akira Mimasaka lives there with his mother, father, and siblings Emu and Memu.

The family also has residences in Los Angeles, California and Karuizawa, Nagano.[3]


The Mimasakas' residence is a relatively large mansion with western-style architecture as opposed to the Domyojis' modern home and the Nishikados' and Hanazawas' traditional Japanese homes.[2] The grounds surrounding the home are carefully landscaped and feature a rose archway at the entrance.[4] The inside is decorated to Akira Mimasaka's mother's taste. This includes a frilly table surrounded by bunny-shaped chairs, which Akira called "sickening."[5]

A summerhouse is also located on the grounds. It was built to "look like something out of Anne of Green Gables." A variety of flowers are housed in it. On one occasion, Akira and Sojiro Nishikado locked Tsukushi Makino and Tsukasa Domyoji in the summer house.[4] Some years later, the two guys did the same thing to Haruto Kaguragi and Oto Edogawa.[6]


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