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"The most fun in my life and the most I smile in my life is still when I'm with Mi-tan. I like myself when I'm with Mi-tan the best in the world."
Arisa Konno, Mi-tan's girlfriend[src]

Mi-tan (ミータン () Mī-tan) was the boyfriend and later fiancé of Arisa Konno. His girlfriend loved him, but felt that he was not ready for long-term commitment until their engagement. He was an aspiring musician.


Mi-tan was a dedicated musician who sometimes forgot his long-time girlfriend Arisa Konno when a concert was approaching.[1] According to Arisa, he was known as the "Yoshiki of Takaido". In May 2018, he went on a double date with Arisa's coworker Oto Edogawa and Haruto Kaguragi. They went to the batting cages where Mi-tan unsuccessfully tried to hit a home run. The group remained there most of the day until Haruto was able to hit it. Afterwards, they went to eat monjayaki.[2] Airi Maya then entered the restaurant and proceeded to apologize to Oto. Mi-tan and Arisa called her "cute" and "pretty".[3]

Arisa later messaged Mi-tan about her dream to have a takoyaki party with her future husband and children. He, however, did not respond though she could tell he read the message.[4] Mi-tan was actually working towards buying an engagement ring, which was he did not respond right away. Several days later, he purchased the ring and presented it to Arisa, who said yes immediately. Oto, Airi, and Megumi Nishidome happened to witness the exchange. Mi-tan was excited to see Megumi, whom he and Arisa were fans of.[5]

Physical appearance[]

In his mid to late twenties, Mi-tan's style was somewhat out-of-date. Oto specifically thought to herself that she had not seen pointy shoes like his in a long time. When he proposed to his girlfriend, he was wearing a red and bow tie. He had black hair with a few streaks of blonde. One of his notable features was a mole just above the right side of his lip.

Personality and traits[]

Described as a "dreamer" by Arisa, he was an eccentric, happy-go-lucky person. Mi-tan was obsessed with being a musician and with women, according to Konno. She also felt that he was not ready for long-term commitment, such as marriage and family. Nevertheless, he remained loyal to his girlfriend and eventually proposed to her. He was also easily impressed by wealth.

Behind the scenes[]

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