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This article is about the novels. For other uses, see Meteor Garden.

Meteor Garden I (流星花園I) and Meteor Garden II (流星花園II) are two novelizations of the Taiwanese dramas, Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II. Both books were published by Linking Publishing likely between 2001 and 2003.


The first novel follows Dong Shan Cai meeting the F4 and receiving a red notice from their leader, Dao Ming Si. She begins to fall for him, despite hating him a first.[3] In the second novel, the F4 graduate from Ying De Academy. Si later suffers from amnesia and has no memories of Shan Cai.[4]

Character appearances


  • Script adaptation: Mag Hsu, Zhou Ping Zhi, Sharon Mao, Wen Yu Fang, Peng Sheng Qing
  • Author: Mag Hsu

  • Notes

    • A novelization of Meteor Garden in simplified Chinese was published by Yili People's Publishing House in 2001. It is likely an unauthorized adaptation of this novelization .[5]
    • In early 2002, following the banning of the drama, Chinese authorities seized 10,000 copies from a factory illegally printing the Meteor Garden novel. [6]


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