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The following is a list of promotional activities for Meteor Garden (2018). This includes events, interviews, collaborations, etc.


Meteor Garden was primarily promoted on Sina Weibo under the user name, "@电视剧流星花园."[1] The account was opened on April 12, 2017 which was the sixteenth anniversary of the original Meteor Garden.[2] A separate account for the F4 under "@F4_Studio" was launched on November 11.[3] For Valentine's Day in 2018, the Meteor Garden account held a campaign in which participants were able to win an autograph of Shen Yue or the F4.[4] While Meteor Garden was airing, the account held several giveaways for exclusive merchandise.[5]


1st press conference[]


On November 9, 2017, a press announcement for Meteor Garden was held in Shanghai. Shen Yue's casting as Shan Cai was announced at the conference.[6] Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Liang Jing Kang, and Caesar Wu, who had been announced as the F4 earlier, revealed their exact roles. The supporting cast members Liu Yin Hao, Li Jia Qi, Dong Xin, Sun Yi Han, and An Zi Yi were in attendance as well as producer Angie Chai and director Xu Fu Xiang.[7]

2nd press conference[]


A press conference to promote the premiere of Meteor Garden took place on July 5, 2018 in Beijing. Shen, Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu, Li, Sun, Dong, and Wang Run Ze along with staff and sponsors.[8] Perfect Carat, one of the sponsors, held a presentation of of their Meteor Garden inspired "Star" collection.[9] Penny Tai made a surprise appearance singing a new version of her "Ni Yao De Ai."[10]

Fan meetings[]


Two fan meetings with Wang, Chen, Liang, and Wu were held while Meteor Garden was still airing. The first was held on July 19, 2018 in Chongqing.[11] The second was held the following day in Guangzhou at Baiyun Wanda Plaza.[12] An interview and other fan related activities were conducted on both days. They also performed "Liu Xing Yu" together.[13]

Public appearances[]

Wang, Chen, Liang and Wu made an appearance at the Coco Game Center pop-up in Shanghai on April 13, 2018.[14] On June 16, Wang, Chen, and Wu made an appearance at Tencent Pictures Night with producer Chai. She shared details about filming in Shanghai.[15] Wang, Chen, Liang, and Wu performed "For You" for the first time at the KPL (King Pro League) Spring Finals on July 8 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Wu also performed "Xiang Ni Xiang Dao Kuai Feng Liao" with Clover Kao.[16][17] Wang, Chen, Liang, and Wu attended the opening day of Taobao Maker Festival on September 13 in Hangzhou.[18] They performed "For You" onstage.[19]

Iconsiam, located in Bangkok, Thailand, held a launch party on November 9, 2018. It was attended by several celebrities from around the world, including Wang, Chen, Liang, and Wu.[20] On November 10, a press conference was held for the four with the Thai press before their concert.[21][22]



Date Publication Interviewees Notes
Nov 6 Harper's Bazaar Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Liang Jing Kang, Caesar Wu [23]
Nov 13 Men's Uno Young! Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu [24]
Apr 7 Men's Uno Young! Shen Yue, Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu, Dong Xin, An Zi Yi,
Sun Yi Han
May 17 Grazia Snap Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu [26]
Jun 14 GQ Sport Chen [27]
Jul 26 Trends Health Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu [28]
Aug 2 Bella Wang, Chen [29]

Harper's Bazaar

Men's Uno

Men's Uno x Meteor Garden

Grazia Snap

GQ Sport

Trends Health



Date Publication Interviewees Link
Feb 10 InStyle iLady Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Liang Jing Kang, Caesar Wu [30]
Feb 14 Elle Shen Yue, Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu [1]

InStyle iLady



On August 24, 2018, the cast of Meteor Garden appeared in a short for the anthology series PhantaCity. It was directed by Indian director Kabir Khan.[31]

Date Show Interviewees Notes
Apr 29 Happy Camp Shen Yue
May 26 Shen, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen,
Liang Jing Kang, Caesar Wu
Jun 15 Back to Field 2 Shen
Jun 24 Happy China Graduation Concert
Jul 8 Day Day Up Shen, Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu [33]
Jul 14 Happy Camp Wang, Chen
Jul 28 Liang
Aug 11 Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu
Aug 12 Day Day Up Wang, Chen, Wu
Aug 19 Crazy Magee Wang, Chen, Wu, Dong Xin
Aug 24 PhantaCity Shen, Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu
Aug 26 Day Day Up Chen
Sept 1 First Class of New Semester Wang, Chen, Liang, Wu

Happy Camp

Day Day Up

Crazy Magee


First Class of New Semester


Danone Lemonade[]


Danone Lemonade (达能柠檬来的) teased the collaboration on their Sina Weibo on April 23, 2018.[34] Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Liang Jing Kang, and Caesar Wu were officially named representatives two days later.[35] The brand held campaigns to promote the collaboration on their Sina Weibo.[36] For one of their campaigns, they sent two fans to attend the July press conference for Meteor Garden in Beijing.[37] Advertisements with Wang, Chen, Liang, and Wu were posted in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shenzhen.[38] Customers were able to get a special box with their purchase from August 16 to 17.[39]

From June 27 to July 20, customers who purchased products at the convenience store chain, Cstore, in the South China region were eligible to enter a lottery for a fan meeting.[40] The event took place on July 21 at Rock Square in Guangzhou.[41] Attendance exceeded expectations, resulting in some customers being turned away. Danone Lemonade issued an apology about the situation.[42] A second fan meeting was held in Shanghai on August 16 at Zhengda Lecheng.[43][44] Wang, Chen, Liang, and Wu signed objects at the event, which Danone Lemonade later gave away on Sina Weibo.[45]



Guangzhou fan meeting

Shanghai fan meeting

My 1/4 Boyfriends[]


Meteor Garden partnered with Tencent Animation and Comics on a web comic, titled My 1/4 Boyfriends (我的四分之一男友 or 我的1/4男友). It was first announced at a press conference in April 2018.[46] The comic launched on July 30 on Tencent Animation and Comic's official website.[47][48] A total of one hundred and thirty-five chapters were produced, ending in March 2021.[49]

The comic follows the female protagonist, Mo Li (莫莉), and her escapades with four men modeled after the F4 actors. The men are Di (棣), an arrogant SWAT officer modeled after Wang; Guan Shao (官邵), a "little devil" snooker player modeled after Chen; Lu Zhan (原型), a warm-hearted doctor modeled after Liang; and Ze Ye (原型), a gentlemanly police captain modeled after Wu.[50][51]

Fantasy Westward Journey[]

Meteor Garden collaborated with the mobile game Fantasy Westward Journey (梦幻西游), promoting it within the plot of the drama.[52][53] On July 9, 2018, Fantasy Westward Journey had a press conference to announce the opening of a new server called "Meteor Garden."[54] Nightly meteor showers were added to the entire game. Additionally, an NPC named after Shen Yue with her likeness was added after she was named a brand ambassador.[55][56] Players were also able to obtain meteor-themed objects and benefits.[57] An official web page for the collaboration was opened on July 16.[58][59] On August 29, Fantasy Westward Journey had a campaign within the game to win exclusive furniture and on their Sina Weibo to win Shen's autograph.[60]


Renders and game play

Press conferences

China Citic Bank[]

On July 9, 2018, China Citic Bank launched Meteor Garden themed credit cards to commemorate the premiere of the drama. They also held a campaign to win a free T-shirt on their Sina Weibo. Participants who commented memorable lines from Meteor Garden and got the most likes won.[61][62]


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