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Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese drama based on the Japanese manga, Boys Over Flowers. It was followed by Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden II. The series and its sequels have been translated and dubbed in different languages for broadcast and release around the world. Its popularity in Asian countries was dubbed "Meteor Garden Fever" or "F4 Fever."



Meteor Garden Xing Kong Promo

Meteor Garden aired on various stations throughout China, starting in late 2001.[1] It performed particularly well in Chongqing, earning a 10.9% rating.[2] On March 8, 2002, the National Radio and Television Administration called for an immediate suspension after six episodes had aired, citing "that the decadent lifestyle portrayed by boy band 'F4' would corrupt young Chinese minds."[3][4][5]

Starting on October 14, 2008, Meteor Garden was rebroadcast on Xing Kong.[6] Xing Kong later reaired the drama, along with Hana Yori Dango and Boys Over Flowers.[7] Meteor Garden II also aired on the channel, starting on November 4, 2009.[8]

Year Network Timeslot
Meteor Garden
2008 Xing Kong
Meteor Garden II
2009 Xing Kong Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM

Hong Kong



Meteor Garden ATV Trailer

In 2002, Meteor Garden was broadcast on Hong Kong Cable Television.[9] The copyright was soon bought by Asia Television whom aired it on their channel, ATV Home. It first aired on ATV in August 2002 and has periodically been rebroadcast on the station. In 2009, The Unforgettable Memory was suddenly pulled by ATV and replaced with Meteor Garden.[10][11] A Cantonese dub was also produced for broadcast.[12]

Meteor Garden II has aired on TVB Jade.[13]

Year Network Timeslot
Meteor Garden
2002 Hong Kong Cable Television
ATV Home Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM
2009 ATV Home Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM
Meteor Garden II
2003 TVB Jade Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM

Dubbing cast

Character Voice Notes
Dong Shan Cai Eva Wang
Dao Ming Si Turrick Chan Ting Hin
Hua Ze Lei Lau Chiu Man
Xi Men Chak Yiu Fai
Mei Zuo Can Wai Kyun
Teng Tang Jing Lung Tak Kheng
Xiao You Mona Ching Man Yi
Dao Ming Zhuang Jingle Tsang Pui Yee
Chen Qing He Kenny Lai Kar Hay

Character Voice Notes
Dong Shan Cai Joyce Chan
Dao Ming Si Kenneth Chan Yan
Hua Ze Lei Kevin So Keung Man
Xi Men Fung Kam Tong
Mei Zuo Martin Lui Ting
Ye Sha Vivien Lau Wai Wan
Sha Ge Gordon Leung Chi Tat
Dao Ming Feng Doris Lo
Chen Qing He Pasu Leung Wai Tak
Mi Mi Kate Cheng Lai Lai
Yin Xiao Qiao Joyce Luk Wai Ling
Teng Tang Jing Pansy Tsang



Promo for RCTI

The series first aired in Indonesia on Indosiar for the 2001-2 season. Its huge success took the executives by surprise, leading to the series to be moved to a prime-time slot at 8:00 PM.[14] Meteor Garden averaged a 12% rating, which is about three million viewers. The drama was rebroadcast on Trans TV in 2002.[15] It aired on RCTI in 2017.[16][17]

Meteor Rain and Meteor Garden II have also aired on Indosiar.[15]

Year Network Timeslot
Meteor Garden
2001 Indosiar Monday at 8:00 PM
2002 Trans TV
2017 RCTI Monday to Friday 7:30 AM

Dubbing cast

Character Voice Notes
Dong Shan Cai Aris Juli Setyowati [18]
Hua Ze Lei Trie Budi Prakoso [19]
Xi Men Turie Sandos [20]
Mei Zuo Rio Fitra Sebagai [21]



In 2003, Meteor Garden aired in Japan as Ryusei Hanazono: Hana Yori Dango (流星花園〜花より男子〜 () ) on BS Nippon Television and CS Home Drama Channel.[22][23] The series was also broadcast locally on Tokyo MX and Chiba TV.[24] It re-aired on TBS with Japanese dubbing, starting on November 2, 2006.[25] Meteor Garden II has also aired in Japan.[26] The dub refers to the characters by their original manga names.[27]

In September 2016, an "uncut" twenty-eight episode version of Meteor Garden with Japanese subtitles aired on Asia Dramatic TV from Monday to Friday at 6:00 PM with replays at 2:30 AM.[28]

Year Network Timeslot
2003 BS Nippon Television Saturday at 11:00 PM
CS Home Drama Channel Sunday at 2:00 PM
2006 TBS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 12:00 AM
2016 Asia Dramatic TV Monday to Friday at 6:00 PM

Dubbing cast


In 2002, Meteor Garden aired in Malaysia[30] on NTV7.[31][32]

Year Network Timeslot
2002 NTV7



ABS-CBN promo


Meteor Garden ABS-CBN Clip

The drama first aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN in May 2003. It was a huge hit, creating a "chinovela" (or "asianovela") craze in the country. Meteor Garden originally aired in a 3:30 PM timeslot before being moved to 5:30 PM by public demand. It was also rerun during weekend mornings. In 2005, ABS-CBN rebroadcast the series as Meteor Garden: The Full Version at 5:30 PM and was moved to 7:30 PM two weeks later.[33][34] GMA Network bought the copyright to broadcast the series, starting in July 2007.[35] It also aired on GMA's sister channel, QTV.[34]

In 2014, Meteor Garden returned to ABS-CBN on Kapamilya Gold. It hit an average 16.2% rating in its first week.[36] During the same time period, it was shown on Jeepney TV.[37][38] The now-defunct Asianovela Channel added Meteor Garden to its line-up in 2019.[39]

Meteor Rain aired on ABS-CBN in 2003, following Meteor Garden.[40] Meteor Garden II has also aired several times in the Philippines, usually accompanying Meteor Garden.

Year Network Timeslot
Meteor Garden
2003 ABS-CBN
2005 ABS-CBN
2007 GMA-7
2014 Kapamilya Gold Monday to Friday at 3:15 PM
Jeepney TV Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM
2019 Asianovela Channel Monday to Friday at 10:00 AM, 3:00 PM, 12:00 AM
Saturday to Sunday at 9:00 AM, 11:00 PM
Meteor Rain
2003 ABS-CBN
Meteor Garden II
2003 ABS-CBN
2005 ABS-CBN
2007 GMA-7
2014 Jeepney TV
2019 Asianovela Channel

Dubbing cast and credits


Character Voice Notes
Dao Ming Si Benjie Dorango [41]
Hua Ze Lei Jeremiah Joseph Reyes [42]
Xi Men Robert Brillantes [43][44]
Xiao You Katherine Masilungan [45]
Li Zhen Aya Bejer [46]
Shan Cai's father Pocholo Gonzales [47]
He Yuan Zi Nica Rojo [48]
Ms. Yu Eugene Domingo [49][50]


  • Assistant dubbing director: Ryan Ang[51]


Meteor Garden was broadcast in Singapore on Singapore Cable Vision, starting on July 8, 2001.[52] It later re-aired on Channel 8 in 2004.[53]

Year Network Timeslot
2001 Singapore Cable Vision Sunday at 12:00 PM and 8:00 PM
2004 Channel 8 Thursday at 10:45 PM

South Korea


In 2003, it aired in South Korea on MBC as Meteor Garden (유성화원).[54][55][56]

Year Network Timeslot
2003 MBC

Dubbing cast

Character Voice Notes
Dong Shan Cai Kim Ah-yeong
Dao Ming Si Kim Young-sun
Hua Ze Lei Song Joon-seok
Xi Men Ko Seong-il
Mei Zuo Pyo Yeong-jae


In 2004, Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II aired on Channel 3 as Rak Sai Sai Huachai Sai Duang (รักใสใส หัวใจสี่ดวง). It was a hit in Thailand.[57][58]

Year Network Timeslot
Meteor Garden
2004 Channel 3 Friday to Sunday at 10:30 PM
Meteor Garden II
2004 Channel 3


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