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Mei Jia (Chinese: 美佳; pinyin: Měijiā) was a girl that went on a date with Zhong Ze. When F4 member Xi Men expressed possible interest in her, she ditched Zhong Ze.


She was acquaintance of Zhong Ze's. He invited her to his home, but she refused since he had a girlfriend. Once he informed her that they had broken up, they continued their date. That night, Zhong Ze took her to a club. F4 member, Xi Men approached her and began flirting. He then asked who she would rather date and she readily agreed to be his girlfriend. However, Xi Men rejected her and informed them that he was in love with Xiao You.[1]

Physical appearance

She was a pretty and young girl. Mei Jia had long, dark brown hair and large, round eyes. She wore a simple black dress to the club with Zhong Ze.

Personality and traits

Mei Jia was familiar with the club scene. She was also enamored with the "celebrity" status of the F4, particularly the "rich and handsome" Xi Men.

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