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Mei Jia (Chinese: 美佳; pinyin: Měijiā) was a young woman who went on a date with Zhong Ze. While on the date, F4 member Xi Men expressed possible interest in her. She quickly ditched Zhong Ze without any qualms. Unfortunately for Mei Jia, Xi Men was not actually interested in her.


One day, Mei Jia went to an amusement park with a friend where they ran into their mutual friend, Zhong Ze. She met up with Zhong Ze a few days later for a date. He invited her to his place, but she playfully refused saying he had a girlfriend.[1] Once he informed her that they had broken up, they continued on with their date. That night, Zhong Ze brought her to a club. F4 member Xi Men approached Mei Jia and began flirting with her. He then asked who she would rather date. She readily agreed to be his girlfriend, which angered Zhong Ze. However, Xi Men rejected her saying that he was only posing a question. He then claimed that he was in love with Xiao You.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Mei Jia was a young woman likely around the same age as Zhong Ze. She had long, dark brown hair and large, round eyes. Mei Jia wore a simple black dress to the club with Zhong Ze.

Personality and traits[]

Mei Jia appeared to be shallow, being enamored with the "celebrity" status of the F4 and particularly the "rich and handsome" Xi Men. She quickly rejected Zhong Ze after receiving attention from Xi Men. Mei Jia was also familiar with the club scene.


Mei Jia's name is made up of two characters borrowed from her manga counterpart. The first character (美) has several meanings, including "beautiful," "pretty," "good," etc.[3] The second character (佳) means "good" and "auspicious."[4]

Behind the scenes[]


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