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"I will absolutely not leave. I'll never leave you lonely. When you feel pain and sadness, I'll take half. So please, stop hurting yourself like this."
—Megumi to Haruto[src]

Megumi Nishidome (西留 めぐみ (にしどめ めぐみ) Nishidome Megumi), also known as Megurin (メグリン () ), was a popular model and actress. Her family owned a successful hotel chain. She transferred to Eitoku Academy in 2018, after developing feelings for the C5's leader Haruto Kaguragi. They dated for a short time, but eventually parted ways.


Early life[]

Megumi was born on June 2, 2001.[1] She was from a wealthy family, who owned a chain of hotels called "NISHIDOME".[2]

High school[]

She later became an extremely popular model, gracing the covers of Eighteen and Mon-mo. Megumi also made appearances on television and had a huge Instagram following.[3]

Pursuing Haruto[]


Megumi tries to comfort Haruto

Megumi: "I haven't been able to get Haruto out of my head since then, and it's painful here. I've never been in love except in a game, so I don't know about real love. Is it okay if I keep thinking about Haruto like this?"
Oto: "Go right ahead. It has absolutely nothing to do with me."
— Megumi asks Oto for permission to pursue her crush[src]

Megumi first met Haruto Kaguragi at Issa Narumiya's ikebana exhibit, which was held at one of her father's hotels.[4] Megumi later snuck off the hotel's onsen where she ran into Haruto again. He slipped, fell, and then hurried away. Megumi visited him at Eitoku Academy to return his wallet the next day. Her over-familiar behavior led Oto Edogawa to misunderstand. Megumi tried to comfort Haruto. Encouraging him to be honest, she told him to practice his love confession on her. Afterwards, she began thinking of him often. When she later ran into Oto and Tenma Hase, Megumi asked if she could continue thinking about him. Oto replied "Go right ahead." She then went to Haruto's house. He suddenly decided to go see Oto, though Megumi tried to stop him. They witnessed Oto ask Tenma to be her boyfriend.[2]

Later, Megumi transferred to Eitoku and visited Haruto often to cheer him up. One time, she overheard his father belittling him. She promised to stay by his side. The next weekend, she brought Haruto to an amusement park where they ran into Oto and Tenma. Megumi suggested for them to hang out together. Later that night, Haruto saved a baby in a carriage. Megumi rushed to his side. She then asked Haruto if he would go out with her, adding "I will make you want to go out with me."[5] A few days later, her father took her to lunch with Haruto and his father. Their parents proposed an engagement, which Megumi rejected saying "I want to win [his] heart my own way." Megumi grabbed Haruto and ran out of the room. He then walked off, being depressed that his father still had not accepted him.[6]

Dating Haruto[]


Megumi and Haruto start dating

"I, Megumi Nishidome, promise that I will support Haruto tomorrow with all my strength. And because of that, I want to end our relationship, Haruto. This doesn't mean I give up, since I'll probably always like you. I will not stop liking you until I decide to give up. But I want to end this, so you can fight with all your strength."
—Megumi ends her relationship with Haruto[src]

Haruto told Megumi that he was seriously considering dating her. A couple days later, she told Haruto that she wanted to hold her birthday party at Eitoku to boost school morale. The first person she invited was Oto. Haruto later took it upon himself to plan her party. On the day, the C5 received a threat but Megumi refused to cancel it. Her cake exploded towards the end. Haruto protected her and the criminal was caught. Once everyone had left, Haruto held Megumi.[1] The two then began dating officially. Haruto later took her on a date. First, he met her at her photo shoot before taking her to a café. There Oto, who was upset about something, passed by. Megumi pretended to be tired and encouraged Haruto to go after Oto. Afterwards, she went to Konno's apartment and told her and Airi Maya what happened.[7]

Megumi was confused when she heard about Haruto competing against Tenma since it was about Oto. Haruto's father assured her that his son would not win and the engagement would continue. She went to see Haruto, who attempted to break up with her. Megumi refused, believing she still had a chance if he lost. She attended the first round with Haruto's father, who promptly left when Haruto lost.[8] After the second round, Megumi decided to support Haruto. She presented him a boxed lunch and declared that she wanted to breakup, though she added that she had not given up yet. Afterwards, Airi invited her to Arisa Konno's place. There Megumi revealed the breakup to Oto and the girls. The next day, she headed the cheer squad on the Eitoku side. After Haruto won, Megumi went with the C5 to Konno's.[9]

Physical appearance[]

Megumi was an extremely cute and pretty girl, which allowed her to have a successful career as a model. She had long black hair, which she usually left down. A model, Megumi was often spotted in cute, fashionable clothing.

Personality and traits[]

She was an easy-going and innocent girl, who had little experience in romance as well as friendship. Haruto characterized her as "over-familiar" upon their first meeting. She commented that people often told her that. As such, she had a hard time making friends despite being a popular model. Megumi also always charged head first into situations.


Megumi (めぐみ) is a popular Japanese female given name, which has numerous ways to spell it in kanji.[10] Megumi instead uses the hiragana form. Her surname, Nishidome (西留; にしどめ), contains two kanji. The first kanji means "west" and can also refer to Europe.[11] The second means "stop" or "halt"[12] and uses the kun'yomi pronunciation, though it is read as dome instead of tome due to rendaku.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Megumi's uniform is changed in the series' opening when she transfers to Eitoku in episode six. Instead of waving, she excitedly points to Eitoku's crest and lovingly looks up at Haruto.



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