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"I'm not leaving. I feel your pain. It hurts so much. It makes me so sad. I totally understand how you feel...So, please, stop hurting yourself."
—Megumi cries after seeing Haruto beaten[src]

Megumi Nishidome (西留 めぐみ (にしどめ めぐみ) Nishidome Megumi) was the daughter of a hotel chain owner. She was a popular model, earning her the nickname Megurin (メグリン () ) from fans. Megumi transferred to Eitoku Academy after falling in love with Haruto Kaguragi. By partnering with the Correct 5, she became an integral part of Eitoku's resurgence.


Early life[]

Megumi was the daughter of a rich hotel chain owner.[1] At preschool age, she was enrolled into an escalator girls school which she continued attending well into high school.[3]

High school[]

During high school, Megumi began her modelling career. She became popular, appearing in magazines such as Blue Teen, and also started making television appearances. Her fans nicknamed her "Megurin" (メグリン () ).[1]

Meeting Haruto[]


Megumi returns Haruto's wallet

Megumi: "Ever since yesterday, I haven't been able to stop thinking about Haruto. I was wondering what I should do. Would it be okay, if I kept thinking about him?"
Oto: "Do whatever you want. I don't have anything to do with that guy."
— After meeting Haruto, Megumi cannot stop thinking about him[src]

Megumi met Haruto Kaguragi at her father's resort. After a mix-up with the hot springs signs, Haruto accidentally saw Megumi naked.[4] The next day, she visited Eitoku Academy to return his wallet. She found him near the school's gate.[5] Haruto thanked her though he tried several times to get her to leave. A girl, Oto Edogawa, saw them talking and misunderstood the situation. Haruto was unable to explain properly and became depressed. Megumi followed him to a café to make sure he was alright. She encouraged him to "go after her," but did not have the courage to confess his feelings to Oto at the moment. His honesty "tugged at [Megumi's] heartstrings," so she told him to practice saying it on her. Taking her advice, he said "I like you" making Megumi's heart flutter. He then ran off embarrassed.[1]

The following day, Megumi had a photo shoot at an aquarium, where she ran into Oto with Tenma Hase. Seeing them together, Megumi assumed that Tenma was Oto's boyfriend. She admitted to Oto "I haven't been able to stop thinking about Haruto" and asked her if it would be okay for her to continue to do so. Oto replied "Do whatever you want," before walking away with Tenma[6] After the shoot, Megumi visited Haruto at his home. She cooked him a meal, which turned out badly. Her cooking gave Haruto an epiphany, causing him to decide to confess his feelings to Oto immediately. Megumi followed him to Oto's work though he told her to stop. She tried to prevent him from going inside, before they overheard Oto and Tenma talking about dating officially. Megumi grasped Haruto's coat, saying "It'll be okay."[7]

Pursuing Haruto[]


Megumi cries when Haruto rejects her

"Why don't you think of this as a second chance at life and go out with me for real? I will cherish you, Haruto. I'll be a girl you can be proud of. I'll be someone who can comfort you. And I'll increase my hit points. I'll make you glad that you went out with me. And...I'll give you love power to the max!"
—Megumi asks Haruto to go out with her[src]

After a devastated Haruto ran home, Megumi looked back at Oto and declared "I've made up my mind." She transferred to Eitoku and greeted Haruto, though he ignored her attempts to talk. After school, Haruto picked a fight with some street thugs. Megumi, who had followed him, yelled for the police, causing them to flee. Haruto told her leave, but she refused and began crying. She told him that she understood his pain and begged him to "stop hurting [him]self."[3] After the incident, Haruto began acting friendlier towards her. Megumi later visited Oto during lunchtime. She accidentally mentioned seeing her and Tenma outside the store previously. Megumi then asked again if was okay for her to date Haruto. Oto gave her a affirmative answer. Later, she asked Haruto on a date to an amusement park.[8]

The following weekend, Megumi dragged Haruto to an amusement park where they coincidentally met Oto and Tenma. Megumi suggested for them to make the day a double date. Haruto was annoyed, but went along with it. She ended up apologizing to Oto when Haruto turned the day into a competition against Tenma.[9] At the Ferris wheel, Haruto accidentally got into the same carriage as Oto. Down below, Tenma asked Megumi if she was going out with Haruto. She replied "Not yet." An accident nearly occurred with a child. Haruto saved him and fell from the Ferris wheel onto a mattress. Megumi then hugged him.[10] Afterwards, Megumi cried and asked Haruto to "go out with [her] for real."[11] Later that night, Megumi sent a puzzle, picturing herself and her phone number, to Haruto.[12]

Due to the attacks on Eitoku students, Kaito Taira asked Megumi to team up with the Correct 5. She agreed and continued to pursue Haruto, though he told her "People's feelings can't be reasoned with."[13] Some days later, Eitoku's gates were vandalized and Megumi helped clean up the graffiti.[14] That night, Megumi was hanging out at Haruto's house.[15] After he left the house, she suspected he went to see Oto and waited for him to return. Once he did, she entered his bathroom naked and asked him to "forget about [Oto] already".[16] Megumi offered herself to him and went to wait in his bedroom. When she tried to touch him, Haruto rejected her advances. He told her "It's only over when I decide to end it," meaning his crush on Oto. Megumi began crying and called him a "fool" for not giving up yet.[17]

Friends with Haruto[]


Megumi and Haruto at New Years'

Issa: "The more joint classes we have, the more they multiply. These Haruto fans."
Sugimaru: "He's really changed."
Megumi: "Haruto was always cool."
— Megumi's response to Issa's and Sugimaru's comments[src]

The following winter, Megumi was abroad for a photo shoot. Kaito later invited her to spend New Years' Eve with the Correct 5. She appeared to be over her crush on Haruto, though she still flirted with him by touching his muscles and saying "Nice pecs." Kaito interrupted everyone by revealing Tenma's proposal for their schools to "join forces." Megumi was likely on board with the plan since she did not say anything negative about it.[18] Some months later, Megumi had developed a considerable fanbase among Momonozono Academy's students after the schools began holding joint classes. Haruto had also became popular among the girls, which the Correct 5's Issa Narumiya and Sugimaru Eibi commented on. Megumi insisted that "Haruto was always cool."[19]

During the summer, she attended the joint summer trip between Eitoku and Momonozono. At the resort, the Correct 5 joined Megumi on her family's yacht, except Haruto who decided to go on a tour by himself instead.[20] Hours later, the group returned to the resort. They immediately noticed that Haruto was not back yet from his tour. After questioning some others, they found out that he, along with Oto, probably had been left out in the ocean by themselves. Megumi exclaimed in horror, "No way, it's been four hours already!"[21] Haruto and Oto were later rescued by Tenma and Airi Maya. Shortly after Oto woke up, Megumi located Haruto to tell him his family's jet had arrived.[22] That winter, she went to a studio for a camera test. Megumi was excited about transitioning her career from being a model to an actress.[23]

Physical appearance[]

Megumi was generally regarded as pretty by others, including Oto who said that "[a photo] doesn't do her justice." Her cute face allowed her to work as a model and accounted for her considerable popularity. She had a soft overall appeal to her looks, including her round face and bright eyes. Her bottom eyelashes were shorter than her top ones. Megumi had long, black hair which she usually wore down. She occasionally mixed it up by putting it in pigtails.

Personality and traits[]

She had a bright, cheerful personality which attracted people to her. Megumi was very friendly and at times overfamiliar with people, which was shown in many of her interactions with Haruto and Oto. She was a bit naive about romantic relationships, having never liked anyone before Haruto. Additionally, she was perceptive about others feelings though slow to realize her own. Once she did realize her feelings for Haruto, she persistently pursue him for a long time. One of her notable traits was her inability to cook, which was a direct result of her lack of taste.


Megumi (めぐみ) is a popular female given name in Japan and has a variety of meanings. It also has numerous ways to spell it, for example 恵美 ("blessed beauty").[24] Megumi uses the hiragana form. Her family name, Nishidome (西留; にしどめ) is made up of two kanji. The first means "west" and can also refer to Europe.[25] The second means "stop" or "halt".[26] It uses the kun'yomi pronunciation, though it is read as dome instead of tome due to rendaku.

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