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"In the end, children always listen to their parents. That's why, if they want to do something seriously, regardless of the result, I don't want to stop them."
—Makoto Edogawa[src]

Makoto Edogawa (江戸川 誠 (えどがわ まこと) Edogawa Makoto) was the husband of Yukie and father of Oto. His company was once the leading cosmetics manufacturer until it went bankrupt. Afterwards, he began working as a fisherman to pay off his debts.


Makoto married Yukie, with whom he had Oto. Thanks to his successful business, Edo Quality Cosmetics, they lead a comfortable life for several years. The Edogawa family was close to the Hase family, even arranging an engagement between their children.[2]

In October 2017, Makoto's business went bankrupt, changing the family's lifestyle drastically. Makoto went away to work on a fishing boat to pay his debts, while his wife and daughter remained in Tokyo.[2] In June 2018, Kazuma Hase, probably prompted by his wife, decided to open a makeup department at Hase Live and was going to hire Makoto as the head.[3] Makoto returned to Tokyo later that month. Upon returning, he overheard Rie upset about the result of the competition between Tenma and Haruto Kaguragi. Makoto told her that children should be allowed to make their own decisions "regardless of the result."[1]

Physical appearance[]


Makoto with his family

Makoto was a tall, good-looking man probably in his mid-forties. His general appearance was neat and tidy, including his short black hair and simple clothes. After working on a fishing boat, Makoto had a noticeable tan and looked considerably more disheveled.

Personality and traits[]

He had a calm disposition, which contrasted with his wife's nervous personality. Makoto was an understanding father and believed that adults should allow their children to make their own decisions.


His given name Makoto (誠; まこと) contains one kanji, which means "sincerity."[4] Makoto is a unisex Japanese name though more commonly used by males. It also has a variety of spellings.[5] Edogawa (江戸川; えどが) means to "Edo River;" Edo being an old name for Tokyo.[6] Separately, the kanji mean "bay," "inlet" (江),[7] "door" (戸),[8] and "river" (川).[9]

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