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"I promised your stepfather that I would make you happy. We married over your family's objections, but I still haven't made you happy. But I haven't given up yet."
—Makoto to Yukie[src]

Makoto Edogawa (江戸川 誠 (えどがわ まこと) Edogawa Makoto) was the CEO of the bankrupt Edo Quality Cosmetics. He was the father of Oto and husband of Yukie. After his company went bankrupt, Makoto began working in Kyushu to pay off his debts. He later briefly came back to Tokyo upon his wife's request, before returning with her to Kyushu.


Adult life[]

Over twenty-five years ago, he founded Edo Quality Cosmetics by himself.[1] Around the same time, he married Yukie against the wishes of her family.[2] They had a daughter named Oto together. Makoto's company was successful at the beginning, allowing the family to live in Paris at one point.[3] When Oto was young, Yukie arranged an engagement between Oto and Tenma Hase.[4]

His business came out with a moisturizer, which grew rapidly in popularity. However, "the hype died down" and Makoto was left with a lot of inventory.[5] The company subsequently amassed a large amount of debt and Makoto was unable to get a loan from the bank.[6] He then began paying off his debts by working for a relative in Kyushu.[7][8]

Return to Tokyo[]


Makoto asks Yukie to go to Kyushu with him

"I was happy when I heard about you from my wife, because she made her own decision about something. But today, you were with another girl. Oto is the kind of girl who would give up something precious to someone else. Will you be able to accept Oto's decision?"
—Makoto tests Haruto[src]

During Oto's third year of high school, his wife contacted him to inform him about Oto's new boyfriend Haruto Kaguragi. Yukie, who did not approve of him, requested for Makoto to come to Tokyo.[9] He arrived a few days later. A meeting with Haruto for the following weekend was set.[5] The day of, Yukie forced Makoto to wear a suit and tie to show he would not "be taken advantage of." When an argument between his wife and daughter about Haruto started, he broke it up and said "Let's see what he has to say for himself." They were kept waiting for hours, while he was at the hospital with a friend.[10] Makoto took Haruto outside when he did arrive. He voiced his concerns and told him a story, ending it with "Oto is the kind of girl who would give up something precious to someone else." Makoto then went inside alone.[11]

The next day, Oto asked her father if she could go to Los Angeles to see Tenma. He gave her permission and promised to handle it with her mother.[12] A couple days later, Amei Hanawa visited Makoto and Yukie to explain why Haruto was late and apologize. After she left, Makoto told his wife about his relatives asking for his help with starting a company. He then asked her if she and Oto would come along.[2] They later visited Yukie's sister to ask her to look after Oto in the event that she refused to go with them. When she came back home, they sat down with her and Haruto. She stayed firm in her convictions about remaining in Tokyo, which Makoto accepted. He also issued a warning to Haruto.[13][14] Some time later, Oto saw them off at the train station. Makoto praised her for making her own decision for the first time.[15]

Physical appearance[]

Haruto described him as a "good-looking, middle-aged man." In a photo from before the bankruptcy, Makoto had short, dark hair which he parted to the side. He was also seen wearing a professional-looking business suit in the photo. A couple years later, Makoto's appearance had changed considerably. His hair was noticeably lighter and a bit shorter. His overall face shape and features remained the same, including his eyes which drooped slightly.

Personality and traits[]

When he was young, Makoto had big dreams of "hav[ing] the world in his hands."[16] Despite his dreams being crushed when his company went bankrupt, he continued working hard to pay back his debts and even strove to create another company. Makoto was a calm and laid-back presence, as opposed to his wife's sensitive, high-strung nature. Oto inherited her father's easygoing nature. She admired her father for "always striving to make [her] and [her] mom happy."

Makoto wanted to his daughter to make her own decisions, instead of just trying not to hurt others. As such, he was happy when she began dating Haruto which was her first decision she made on her own. Makoto still tested Haruto several times to make sure he was right for his daughter.


Makoto is a unisex Japanese name though more commonly used by males.[17] His given name is made up of one kanji (誠; まこと), which means "sincerity."[18] His surname, Edogawa (江戸川; えどが), means to "Edo River;" Edo being an old name for Tokyo. Edogawa is also one of the special wards of Tokyo[19] Individually, the kanji mean "bay," "inlet" (江),[20] "door" (戸),[21] and "river" (川).[22]

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Makoto is mentioned several times throughout the series before making his first appearance in chapter ninety.



Takashi Sorimachi as Makoto



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