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"When things like that happen, I get worried that maybe I don't have any real friends at this school. When someone's being bullied, everyone either joins in or turns the other way. Of course, I'm one of them."
—Makiko to Tsukushi[src]

Makiko Endo (遠藤 真木子 (えんどう まきこ) Endō Makiko) was a friend of Tsukushi Makino. She was a student at Eitoku Academy. Unlike Tsukushi, Makiko was not brave and initially avoided her when Tsukushi received a red card. They talked secretly for a short time, before Makiko gained enough courage to openly be Tsukushi's friend again.


Early life[]

Makiko began attending Eitoku Academy in elementary school.[1]

High school[]

In high school, Makiko was in the same class as Tsukushi Makino, whom she became friends with.[2]

Secret friends[]


Makiko returns Tsukushi's desk and apologizes

Makiko: "I'm sorry, forgive me!"
Tsukasa: "You've got some nerve."
Makiko: "It wasn't on purpose."
Tsukasa: "That's enough. You know what to expect."
Tsukushi: "Wait a minute! She apologized, didn't she? Please forgive her."
Tsukushi takes up for Makiko against Tsukasa[src]

Makiko was secretly insecure about her friendship with Tsukushi. She confessed to Tsukushi, "I sometimes think I'm the only one who thinks we are friends." Tsukushi assured her that she thought of her as a friend too. The two were chatting, when Makiko tripped down the stairs and landed on Tsukasa Domyoji. She apologized, but he still threatened her with a red card. Tsukushi stood up for Makiko. The next day, Tsukushi received a red card instead. Makiko avoided her, being afraid of becoming a target too. Feeling guilty, she later returned Tsukushi's desk after the others had hidden it. She gave Tsukushi a voice recorder with the message, "I'm sorry."[2] The next day, Tsukushi handed back the recorder with a new message, telling Makiko not to worry. She returned it with the message, "Good luck."[3]

Sometime later, Makiko found the voice recorder on the floor of the girls' locker room. The following night, she dropped it off at Tsukushi's house. She left it with her brother since Tsukushi was out. Makiko left the message "Get well soon!" on it, since Tsukushi was absent that day due to a cold.[4] Several days later on the first day of the fall semester, she and some others witnessed Tsukasa hurting one student and threatening to harm another. He was eventually stopped by a teacher, Urara Aoi.[5] Some days later, Tsukushi talked with Makiko about Yuriko Asai's and her friends' accusations towards Sakurako Sanjo, whom Makiko remembered from elementary school. She replied that Sakurako had changed a lot since they were children, though she acknowledged that her memories were "vague."[1]

Supporting Tsukushi[]


Makiko anxiously watches Tsukushi from afar

Makiko: "What's wrong? You look down."
Tsukushi: "Oh, well. I was up late last night so I'm kind of out of it."
Makiko: "I see. I was surprised because you look so depressed."
— Makiko notices something is wrong when she greets Tsukushi[src]

The next day, Makiko and Tsukushi spent time together after school. In the morning, she left a note in Tsukushi's locker telling her to "be careful" since photos of her with a foreigner had been posted. She spent the rest of the day anxiously watching her from afar.[6] The next day, the students launched a full-out assault on Tsukushi. Makiko tried to help her. However, Yuriko and her friends held her back and told her to shut up.[7] Several weeks later, Tsukushi told Makiko about her trip to Canada during lunch. Makiko noticed her sigh over her lunchbox. She offered Tsukushi some of her lunch and asked for some of her seaweed and rice, saying "It's my favorite."[8] A couple days later, Tsukushi appeared on the cover of Treasures. Makiko showed it to her to explain why their classmates were glaring at her.[9]

Several days later, Makiko greeted Tsukushi outside the school's gate. She had to touch her shoulder to finally get her attention. Makiko asked her "What's wrong?" since she looked depressed. Tsukushi told her that she was just up late the night before, denying that she was depressed. The two then ran the rest of the way to school together.[10] Some days later, Rui Hanazawa handed Makiko Tsukushi's shoe which she had apparently forgotten. She found Tsukushi in their classroom, threatening Yuriko and Minako Yamano with a broken pencil. Makiko looked worried about Tsukushi and asked if something was wrong. She said that it was "nothing," adding "I was just chasing off some shrews." Makiko then showed her her shoe. Tsukushi only then realized it was missing, leading her to blush and laugh.[11]

Continued friendship[]


Makiko and Tsukushi have a peaceful lunch

Tsukushi: "Since I'm living alone now, let's get together at my place sometime. But not for a while, I guess. I haven't straightened up the place yet. I've got some redecorating to do."
Makiko: "Redecorating? That sounds fun. Let me know and I'll help you."
— Tsukushi invites Makiko to her new place[src]

A few days later, Makiko learned that Tsukushi was living alone and asked how she liked it. She said "It's the best" and then joked about burning her breakfast, to which Makiko teased "I figured." After school, Tsukushi invited her to come over sometime. They were interrupted by Tsukasa, leading Makiko to rush off. That night, she went with Kazuya Aoike and Yuki Matsuoka to help redecorate Tsukushi's apartment. Makiko also went out for snacks.[12] Sometime later, Makiko congratulated Tsukushi on passing the exam for the student exchange program.[13] However, Tsukushi decided to stay at Eitoku. Three months of peace followed for Makiko and Tsukushi after Tsukasa stopped coming to school. When Tsukushi received a confession letter from a boy, Makiko asked her about her answer and teased her about it.[14]

Physical appearance[]

She had an average, unassuming appearance, much like her friend Tsukushi. Makiko had short, brown hair which she parted to the right, along with her short bangs. She had round, grey-colored eyes with short eyelashes. Makiko was mostly seen wearing her Eitoku uniform.

Personality and traits[]

Makiko was an extremely timid and sometimes cowardly person. She feared being bullied like the other students, who were targeted by the F4 and had to drop out as a result. For this reason, Makiko avoided Tsukushi after she received a red card. She, however, still felt a deep loyalty to Tsukushi whom she viewed as a true friend. Makiko showed some bravery by returning Tsukushi's desk to her and secretly keeping in contact with her, despite the possibility of getting bullied. She continued showing her loyalty to Tsukushi in small ways until they could be friends out in the open. From then on, Makiko was able to be a normal high school student.


Makiko's first name (真木子; まきこ) contains three kanji. The first means "truth" and "reality,"[15] while the seconds means "tree," "wood," etc.[16] The third kanji means "child," but is also a common suffix added to female given names.[17] Her surname, Endo (遠藤; えんどう) is the thirty-eighth most common Japanese surname. Together the kanji translate to "far-off wisteria."[18] The first kanji has several meanings, though the most common are "distant" and "far."[19][20] The second means "wisteria," often referring to the Japanese wisteria.[21]

Behind the scenes[]

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Makiko in the film

  • In Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997), Misaki voices Makiko again.[23] Set in an alternate universe, Makiko works as a wardrobe assistant at a dance studio and aspires to become a costume designer. She promises to design Tsukushi's costume for her first performance. Makiko fulfills her promise at the end of the film.



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