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Not to be confused with Mai Sato.

Mai (Chinese: 麻衣; pinyin: Máyī) was a friend, roommate, and former classmate of Aisa. She moved from Japan to Taipei, Taiwan.


Mai was born in Japan and later attended high school with Aisa. After high school, she moved to Taiwan, possibly to continue her studies. A year after moving to Taiwan, Mai was reunited with her friend, Aisa. Mai asked Aisa to live with her, but only if Aisa stopped pick-pocketing.[1]

Sometime later, Aisa continued staying with Mai, while searching for her grandmother. Mai got an idea for Aisa to enter a dancing contest in order to get her grandmother's attention. Aisa's mother later came from Japan and informed Aisa about her grandmother's death. She and her mother entered the contest contest and Mai cheered her friend on. Mai said a tearful goodbye to Aisa, when she went back to Japan with her mother.[1]

Physical appearance

Mai was a young and pretty girl of Japanese descent. She had long, layered brown hair, while her bangs were cut short and parted to left. Mai typically dressed in trendy, easy-to-wear clothing. She sometimes wore glasses.

Personality and traits

She was a kind and loyal friend with a strong moral compass. Mai took in Aisa gladly, but required her to stop pick-pocketing.

Behind the scenes

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