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Liu[1] (Chinese: 劉; pinyin: Liú) was a butler hired by the Dao Ming family. He worked at the family's home in Taiwan, where he served Dao Ming Si.


Liu worked as a butler for the Dao Ming family for several years. He primarily served Dao Ming Si at the family's Taiwan mansion. Being an employee, Liu generally did whatever Si wanted, though he also cared for Si.[2]

When Si injured a politician's son, Liu handled the press and followed Dao Ming Feng's orders. He tried to convince Si to turn himself over to the police per Feng's wishes. Liu seemed genuinely worried, when Si ran away.[3]

He called in Si's sister Dao Ming Zhuang for help, when Si had trouble forgetting his first love, Dong Shan Cai.[1]

Physical appearance

He was slightly overweight and appeared to be in his mid to late-thirties. Liu had short black hair and dark brown eyes. He was always shown with oval-shaped glasses, zebra-striped vest, and a bowtie.

Personality and traits

Liu was a hardworking employee of the Dao Mings. He completed whatever tasks Si asked of him, though not always without question. Liu would occasionally voice his reservations or opinions on things. He was also loyal to Si and cared about his well-being.

Behind the scenes


Character notes

  • Liu is the only original character to have different iterations in other Boys Over Flowers media.



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