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"Young Master, fire me. I don't dare to read it outloud."
—Liu is reluctant to anger Si[src]

Liu (Chinese: 劉; pinyin: Liú) was a butler hired by the Dao Ming family. He worked at the family's mansion in Taipei, where he primarily served Dao Ming Si. Liu was shown to care for Si, such as when he called Si's sister Zhuang to come help him through an emotional time.



Liu had worked as a butler for the Dao Ming family at their mansion in Taipei since Dao Ming Si was a child.[1] After Dao Ming Zhuang left, Liu primarily served Si.[2]

Serving Si[]


Liu laughs with Si

Zhuang: "It's just falling out of love. Must I handle it personally?"
Liu: "But Miss, this is Young Master's first love. Such relationships are difficult to forget. I can't handle it."
— Liu calls in Zhuang to help Si[src]

Si injured a politician's son in his final year of high school. Regarding the situation, Liu followed Dao Ming Feng's orders and handled the press. He tried to convince Si to turn himself over to the police per Feng's wishes. Liu was genuinely worried when Si ran away.[3] A couple years later, Liu escorted two of Si's classmates into the mansion. He warned them not to touch anything. The next day, Si stayed in the jacuzzi for several hours. Liu wondered if something was wrong. The day after that, he brought Dong Shan Cai into a room to wait for Si. When she stormed out, Liu was unsure of whether to stop her or not.[4] Some days later, Liu helped Si take a quiz about dating from a book. He was hesitant to give Si the result, leading him to grab the book. When Si became mad, Liu pointed to the suggestions on improvement.[5]

After spring break, Liu was surprised to see Si wake up early for school. He then had breakfast served for Si and commented that he seemed to be in "high spirits." Liu worried he had gone too far, but Si laughed.[2] Some days later, Si brought home an injured Shan Cai. Liu quickly told the other servants to prepare a room and bath. The next morning, Liu had breakfast prepared for Shan Cai. He then presented her with a new motorbike, courtesy of Si. She asked where he was and Liu informed her that he had left early after saying he was "going to take revenge."[6] After returning from a trip, Si began consuming alcohol more often and breaking things. Liu became worried, wondering if it had to do with his love life. He called Zhuang to come and help. She criticized him for not handling the situation himself.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Liu appeared to be in his mid to late-thirties, or possibly older. He was slightly overweight. Liu had short black hair with a few gray hairs as well as dark brown eyes. He was usually shown wearing his oval-shaped glasses, a patterned vest, and a white shirt with a bowtie.

Personality and traits[]

As the Dao Mings butler, Liu was shown to be competent in his position. He primarily served Si and managed to complete whatever tasks he was given. He sometimes questioned Si's demands. Liu would also voice his reservations or opinions on things, despite showing a reluctance to anger Si. Above all, he was loyal to Si and genuinely cared about his well-being.


Liu (劉)[1] is a common Chinese surname, particularly in China. The character originally meant "to kill," "to conquer," etc. but is now only used as a surname.[7][8] Liu gets his name from the actor who portrays him.

Behind the scenes[]


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Character notes

  • Liu is the only original character to have different iterations in other Boys Over Flowers media.



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