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The Lilies (リリーズ () Rirīzu) are a trio of best friends. The group was named for their leader, Yuriko Asai who was named after the lily flower.[1] They attended Eitoku Academy and were in the same class as Tsukushi Makino during high school. The girls were known for constantly antagonizing Tsukushi, though they occasionally sucked up to her.


Behind the scenes[]




Trio in the 1995 film


The girls in the anime


Trio in the 2009 drama


Lilies in the musical

  • The girls are played by Nami Tamaki (Yuriko), Akiko Kimura (Minako), and Momoko Otaishi (Erika) in Hana Yori Dango: The Musical (2016).[4] Unlike the manga, they do not appear to have a particular animosity towards Tsukushi. They, nevertheless, bully her with the rest of the school. The Lilies perform two songs, "Cut Down Tsukushi" and "Chance."
  • In the 2018 remake of Meteor Garden, the girls are a duo once again. They are played by Wang Zi Zhen as Jiang Bai He (Yuriko) and An Zi Yi as Li Xin Hui (Erika). In this version, the girls are particularly interchangeable and share traits of all three of the original Lilies.
  • In Hana Yori Dango (2019), the Lilies are played by Yume Marika (Yuriko), Moeka Wakakusa (Erika), and Natsuki Suzumina (Minako). They appear in large amount of the school scenes, but play a minor role in the plot. The girls perform only one song by themselves, a reprisal of "Kick Out—Banished."

Trio in F4 Thailand