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Li Zhen (Chinese: 李真; pinyin: Lǐ Zhēn) was a student in the Nutrition Department of Ming De University. She was a friend and classmate of Dong Shan Cai.


High school[]

Li Zhen attended the same school as Dong Shan Cai and Chen Qing He. Qing He described her as "the quiet girl with the best grades in the other class".[1]


She entered into Ming De University's Nutrition Department. Li Zhen quickly became friendly with former classmates, Shan Cai and Qing He, who were also nutrition majors.

Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]


Li (李) is a common Chinese surname. It is the second most common surname in China.[2] The character means "plum," referring to the tree or fruit.[3] Additionally, 李 is composed of two characters "木" (wood) and "子" (child),[4] which are the second and third characters of the given name of her manga counterpart. Zhen (真), which is the first character in her counterpart's given name, has multiple meanings, including "true," "genuine," or "actual."[5] Li Zhen's name is spelled the same way as her Taiwanese version.

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