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"I got a place here only because of a scholarship. But I have no idea what I should wear to a party. I'm reluctant to bow to fate, so sometimes I console myself by saying I have high aspirations despite my humble background."
—Li Zhen confides in Shan Cai[src]

Li Zhen (Chinese: 李真; pinyin: Lǐ Zhēn) was a former good friend and classmate of Dong Shan Cai. She attended Ying De Academy on a scholarship and was at the top of her class. Li Zhen had feelings for F4 leader Dao Ming Si and later betrayed Shan Cai out of jealously. She felt remorse for her actions and transferred out of Ying De.



Li Zhen was from a typical, middle-class family. She got into Ying De Academy on a scholarship, and, unlike her classmates, was serious about her studies.[1] Li Zhen befriended Dong Shan Cai, whose family was of a similar background.[2]

Betraying Shan Cai[]


Li Zhen watches Si sleep

"I'm sorry, Shan Cai. Though I've hurt you time and again, deep down in my heart, you are still my best friend at Ying De."
—Li Zhen's final words to Shan Cai[src]

After winter break, Li Zhen stopped Shan Cai from helping their classmate Ah Shu and reminded her of the F4. The following day, Li Zhen tripped and the things she was carrying landed on Dao Ming Si. She attempted to apologize, but Si pushed her aside. Shan Cai stepped in and defended her. After Shan Cai received a red slip, Li Zhen started to avoid her but gifted her a bear with the voice message, "I'm sorry."[2] Li Zhen attempted to speak to Shan Cai when rumors were written about her on the blackboard. Shan Cai interrupted to say "Don't worry."[3] After spring break, Li Zhen was able to openly be friends with Shan Cai when Si issued an order stopping the bullying. She talked with Shan Cai about receiving an invitation to Teng Tang Jing's party. Li Zhen was nervous since she had nothing to wear.[1]

Li Zhen later received a yellow gown from Shan Cai, which she was excited to wear. At the party, she ran into Shan Cai's friends Chen Qing He and Xiao You. Si then walked up and insulted Li Zhen for wearing the gown. Upset, she promptly left the party. A few days later, everyone thought Shan Cai and Si were dating after pictures of them were posted on the noticeboard. Li Zhen congratulated her.[4] Later that night, Li Zhen went to a night club with Shan Cai, Qing He, Bai He, and Qian Hui. She pretended to be intoxicated and Shan Cai asked Qing He to take her home. After being dropped off, Li Zhen followed Shan Cai and took photos of her and a guy going into a motel. She later gave the photos to Qian Hui anonymously. However, when she had not done anything with them, Li Zhen posted the photos on the noticeboard.[5][6]

After the photos were posted, the student body began bullying Shan Cai again. Li Zhen brought Shan Cai home after she got hurt. She also helped her make up an excuse to her mother. Li Zhen ran into Si while walking away from Shan Cai's place. He was apparently drunk and kissed Li Zhen, mistaking her for Shan Cai. She then brought Si to a hotel and watched him sleep. Once he woke up, Li Zhen revealed her feelings and attempted to kiss him. He rejected her and told her never to mention this incident again. A few days later, Si and Shan Cai arrived at Li Zhen's place. She admitted to being behind the photos and expressed jealousy towards her friend. Shan Cai apologized and returned the bear. The next day, she transferred out of Ying De. She left the bear with a new apology in Shan Cai's locker.[5][6]

Physical appearance[]

She had long, black hair which looked similar to Shan Cai's. Li Zhen had an oval-shaped face and dark brown eyes. At school, Li Zhen wore comfortable, everyday clothing to school.

Personality and traits[]

Li Zhen was a serious student and went the extra mile for her studies. She read several textbooks just for one class, even if the professor had only assigned one. Along with Shan Cai, Li Zhen was one of Ying De's few lower-class students and was thus ignored by the school's upper-class students. Li Zhen secretly longed to be noticed. She became jealous of Shan Cai for her likability and the attention she received from Si. Nevertheless, she genuinely liked Shan Cai as a friend and felt remorseful about her hateful actions towards her. Li Zhen left Ying De, likely out of shame.


Li (李) is an extremely common Chinese surname, being the second most common surname in China and the fifth in Taiwan.[7] The character means "plum."[8] Additionally, 李 is composed of "木" (wood) and "子" (child),[9] which are the second and third characters of the given name of her manga counterpart. Zhen (真) can mean "true," "genuine," or "actual."[10] It is also the first character in the given name of her manga counterpart.

Behind the scenes[]

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