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Bai He: "To be honest, I don't like this girl. Can we stop talking to her?"
Xin Hui: "Why? If she's close to F4, I want to be friends with her."
— Xin Hui proposes that they befriend Shan Cai[src]

Li Xin Hui (Chinese: 李心惠; pinyin: Lǐ Xīnhuì) was a nutrition major at Ming De University. Her best friend was Jiang Bai He, who was also a nutrition major. Xin Hui had a crush on Dao Ming Si and was often annoyed at Dong Shan Cai for "flirting" with him.



Xin Hui and her friend Jiang Bai He were accepted into Ming De University's Nutrition Department. Their classmates were Dong Shan Cai, Chen Qing He, and Li Zhen. Xin Hui developed a crush on the F4's Dao Ming Si and asked Shan Cai to take a video of her handing Si a drink. Si disliked Shan Cai at the time and took Xin Hui's phone from her when he noticed her taping him.[1] Later, Bai He accused Shan Cai of "flirting" with Si. She assured Xin Hui that she "no interest" in him at all. Xin Hui still seemed irritated and then jealous when Shan Cai told her about receiving a Joker card. Some days later, Xin Hui and Bai He saw Shan Cai with Hua Ze Lei. They guessed that she had a crush on Lei and told her about his love for Teng Tang Jing.[2]

After the seven-day break, Xin Hui saw a video of Shan Cai kissing Si. She acknowledged that she could not change who Shan Cai liked, but was mad that she seems to be going after Si and Lei. Later, Xin Hui and Bai He discovered Shan Cai talking to Lei on the school's roof. They took a video, which Xin Hui presented to Si. He became enraged as she told him about Shan Cai's multiple secret meetings with Lei. Si smashed her phone, yelling at her to "shut up."[3] Several days later, Xin Hui and Bai He were annoyed that Shan Cai and Si seemed to be dating. Xin Hui, nevertheless, decided that they should befriend her. That night, they took her and Li Zhen to a club, where Shan Cai met Thomas.[4]

Physical appearance[]

Xin Hui was a pretty girl with long hair, which she either wore straight or wavy. She had a round face with large eyes and slightly tanned skin. Her style was different from Bai He's, who gravitated towards more preppy fashion. Xin Hui often wore tight pants paired with dark colored long-sleeved shirts. She usually wore hoop earrings and a black choker.

Personality and traits[]

Not exactly mean-spirited, Xin Hui was quick to believe rumors and assume things about others. Her dislike of Shan Cai was based on a series of small misunderstandings on Xin Hui's part.

Behind the scenes[]

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