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"This isn't a school. This is hell."
—Lee Min-ha[src]

Lee Min-ha (Hangul: 이민하) was the brother of Lee Jae-ha and a former student at Shinhwa High school. He was severely bullied as a result of the F4's red card.


A Shinhwa School student, Min-ha angered the all-powerful F4, causing him to receive a red card. The other students bullied and beat him severely for two and a half days. On the third day, Min-ha made his way to the roof and threatened to jump. At the same time, Geum Jan-di was visiting the school to deliver his dry cleaning. She saved his life by catching him before he could fall to his death.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Min-ha was a tall student with neck-length black hair and dark-brown eyes. He was seen only wearing his uniform for his physical education class.

Personality and traits[]

Before getting the red card, Min-ha presumably led a typical life of a well-to-do Shinhwa student. He was brave to stand up to the F4 and was considerably tough, almost lasting three days of bullying at the hand of his classmates. Possibly being traumatized, Min-ha contemplated suicide because of the bullying.


Lee (이) is the second most common surname in Korea. It can be written as Lee, I, or Yi. Depending on the hanja, Lee can mean "plum" (李), "different" (異), or "that" (伊).[3] Min (민) can mean "the people"[4] and -ha (하) means "last" or "lowest."[5]

Behind the scenes[]


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Character notes

  • Actor Kim Soo-hyun was originally cast to play Min-ha and Jae-ha and even participated at a table read. He was let go and replaced with Jung for unknown reasons.[6]
  • Shahid, portrayed by Indian actor Pulkit Bangia, from Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan (2014) was inspired by Min-ha. For example, Shahid threatens to jump off the school roof after the Fab 5 (F4) upload an embarrassing video of him online. He is saved by Nandini Murthy (Niti Taylor), who is the Geum Jan-di equivalent in the series.[7]



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