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Lee Mi-sook (Hangul: 이미숙), also known as Miranda (미란다), was the best friend of Choi Jin-hee and Park Sun-ja. She and her friends were a trio named Jin Sun Mi. Mi-sook was also a student at Shinhwa School.


High school[]

Mi-sook formed a group, Jin Sun Mi, with her best friends Choi Jin-hee and Park Sun-ja. Together they attended Shinhwa School.[1]

Bullying Jan-di[]

One day, Mi-sook and the others overheard the new transfer student, Geum Jan-di, refer to Gu Jun-pyo as a "crazy person." The girls introduced themselves, before voicing how offended they were. Mi-sook eventually asked "You really don't know a thing about the F4?," to which she answered "No, I don't." Despite being annoyed, they agreed to "let [her] off this time." A couple days later, the girls watched a student give Jun-pyo a cake. They laughed as smashed it in her face. Later, Jan-di received a red card. Mi-sook and her friends promptly began bullying her.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Mi-sook had curly, brown hair which she usually wore as a side ponytail with some kind of hair accessory as an accent. Like her friends, she wore her uniform differently from normal students. She always numerous accessories, including bows and jewelry in colors like pink, red, and yellow.

Personality and traits[]

Behind the scenes[]


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