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Lee Jae-ha (Hangul: 이제하) was the younger brother of Lee Min-ha and a former student at Shinhwa School. He worked as a model under the name of Haje. He briefly befriended Geum Jan-di in order to get revenge on Gu Jun-pyo.


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Early life[]

Lee Jae-ha was conceived as a result of an affair between Min-ha's father and a poor lady. Despite only being Lee Min-ha's half-brother, Jae-ha saw him as his only family.[citation needed]

High school[]

He attended Shinhwa School like his brother and began watching Geum Jan-di and plotting revenge against the F4. At school, he changed his hairstyle and wore glasses in order to go unnoticed. He later befriended Jan-di. Jae-ha hoped to draw Jun-pyo's notice by appearing with Jan-di on the cover of Group 7. He later placed a red card in Jan-di's locker. Then he saved her after having gassed a classroom, though it was actually a ruse to kidnap her. Jan-di managed to escape her bonds and was saved by F4.[citation needed]

Physical appearance[]

Jae-ha had an identical resemblance to his brother. At school, he wore glasses and used his hair to obscure his face. It was effective since none of his classmates recognized him. As a model, his hair was pulled back and he wore makeup.

Personality and traits[]

Unlike his brother, Jae-ha presented himself as a shy and nerdy guy in school. He disliked his classmates and tried to be as "unnoticeable" as possible. Jae-ha was manipulative and a good actor. He was particularly vengeful and went to great lengths to obtain revenge against Jun-pyo.

Behind the scenes[]


Character notes

  • Korean star Kim Soo-hyun was originally cast to play Jae-ha and Min-ha and even participated at a table read with the other actors. He was let go and replaced with Jung for unknown reasons.[2]



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