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This article is about the butler. For other uses, see Lee.

Lee (이) was a butler working for the Gu family.


One day, Gu Jun-pyo brought home a girl, Geum Jan-di. After she was given a makeover, Lee escorted her to where Jun-pyo was waiting. Once she left, Jun-pyo stormed around and ordered Lee to fire everyone who worked on her. Lee assented though he pointed out that those people were the best.[1] Several days later, Jun-pyo surprised Lee when he did not chastise a maid for spilling tea. When Lee said he would have the maid fired, Jun-pyo told him not to be "too uptight." A few days later, Jan-di was at Jun-pyo's house when his mother arrived home. Lee warned Jun-pyo in time.[2]

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Lee was an experienced butler, being able to anticipate Jun-pyo's wants and needs. He had an all-around calm demeanor necessary for being around Jun-pyo. As such, he was used to his sudden outbursts and was surprised by his changes after he fell for Jan-di. He was impeccably polite, such as when Jan-di asked him not to call her "Miss." He nodded, but called her "Miss" anyway.

Behind the scenes

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