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"Don't forget that I will always be her for you, young master. I believe in you."
—Kobayashi to Haruto[src]

Kozo Kobayashi (小林 孝蔵 (こばやし こうぞう) Kobayashi Kōzō) was a butler who had served the Kaguragi family for several years. He primarily served the next heir, Haruto Kaguragi. Kobayashi watched over him because his parents were often away.



Kobayashi served the Kaguragi family as a butler since the time of Haruto Kaguragi's grandfather.[1] He was extremely loyal to Haruto, whom he had looked after since he was a child.[2]

Serving Haruto[]

When Haruto was in high school, Kobayashi supported his penchant for "lucky" items. However, he hurt his back and was unable to pick them up from the convenience store. Haruto went instead and was seen by Oto Edogawa. Kobayashi blamed himself for the predicament, though Kaito Taira assured him that he was blameless.[3] A few days later, Haruto came home sick. Kaito only told him that he was in love, which Haruto denied. He then asked Kobayashi what love was. Hearing his definition, Haruto claimed that he would never fall for Oto.[4] Several days later, Haruto's father Iwao Kaguragi asked Kobayashi about Oto. He told him that she was a girl Haruto was "getting closer to lately", but had no reply when he asked whether she was a "suitable" match.[5]

Kobayashi later showed Iwao where Oto worked. He commented that Oto was "good-natured" and Kobayashi agreed. Iwao then startled him by saying that despite this she was "not suitable" for the Kaguragi family.[6] A few days later, Megumi Nishidome commandeered the Kaguragis' kitchen. Haruto, who was wary of her cooking, ordered Kobayashi to try her food since he "let her in the house." A couple of bites made Kobayashi sick and he had to be carried out of the room.[7] After Haruto was rejected by Oto, Kobayashi presented him with a puzzle to cheer him up. The assembled puzzle was of Megumi's face, leading Haruto to claim he "tricked" him. Kobayashi then apologized as Megumi entered the room.[2]

A few days later, Haruto discovered that Kobayashi had saved his gold pig charm when he purged his "good luck" items. Kobayashi told Haruto that he felt it was important. He then said that Haruto's mood had changed for the better, which he attributed to the charm.[8] When Haruto began training for the martial arts competition against Tenma Hase, Kobayashi reminded him that he would always support him. It was then revealed that Kobayashi had saved all of Haruto's "good luck" items, which were hidden in his jacket.[1] On the first day of the competition, he took care of Haruto's injured hand. Kobayashi also reminded him that he could not train anymore do to the injury. When Haruto declared "I will not lose tomorrow", Kobayashi slapped him good-naturedly on the back.[9]

Physical appearance[]

Kobayashi was an elderly man likely in his mid-sixties. His gray hair was visibly receding. Kobayashi always wore his round, wire-rimmed glasses. His butler uniform was a simple suit and tie.

Personality and traits[]

He was extremely loyal to Haruto, having taken care of him his whole life. Nevertheless, Kobayashi was still an employee of the Kaguragi family and took orders from Haruto's father and mother. He had a silly sense of humor, which he used to cheer up Haruto.

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