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"Salt of the earth and light of the world."
—School motto

Köcher High School is an upper-secondary school located in Bangkok, Thailand. The school is known for catering to the upper-crust of Thai society, though some students like Gorya have attended on a scholarship. At one point, Kocher was a hostile environment for students which was created by the F4. However, the school has since changed to a more welcoming place.


Kocher High School was founded in 1986.[1] The F4, composed of Thyme, Ren, Kavin, and MJ, began attending Kocher around 2018.[2] The ring-leader, Thyme, implemented a red card "game." Students who were given the red card was bullied by their classmates. The F4 were never exposed since one rule was "no social media." After hearing Mira's speech at an open house, Gorya decided to attend Kocher and obtained an athletic scholarship. After being there for several months, Gorya grew to dislike the school because of the F4's bullying. However, she was too scared to do anything about it.[3]



Behind the scenes[]


  • Kocher is first seen in the first episode of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers (2021).
  • In episode five, it is revealed that the F4 and Hana attended Pucheng International School as children. This likely means that Kocher is not an escalator-type school.
  • Kocher appears to operate on a different schedule than most Thai schools. For example, the F4 graduate in June while Thai students typically graduate in February.[4]



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