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Kim is a common Korean surname. For others who share the name, see Kim.

Kim Tae-yoon (Hangul: 김태윤, born November 6, 1985 in Seoul, South Korea) is a South Korean musical actor. In early 2017, he costarred in Boys Over Flowers: The Musical as Junpei Oribe.



He debuted in the film Meoli Wie Suchbul (머리 위에 숯불). Kim began playing minor roles in television with 2010's Life Is Beautiful. In 2016, he landed his first supporting role in the Naver web drama What's with Money?. He also costarred in Naver's 109 Unusual Things Have Happened (2017).

In 2014, he appeared in All Shook Up as Dean Hyde, a role he alternated with Boys Overs Flowers costar Lee Woo-jong. Kim reprised the role in June 2016, rotating the role with Sun Han-guk.



Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2010 Life Is Beautiful
2013 Reply 1994
2014 Three Days
Legendary Witches
2015 Wedding Story
Twenty Again
Glamorous Temptation
2016 Cheese in the Trap
What's with Money? Kim Chul-suk Web drama
2017 109 Unusual Things Have Happened Jang Hyung-bum Web drama


Year Title Role Notes
2006 Meoli Wie Suchbul
Host & Guest
2010 Damun Ibsu Chang Seok
The Front Line POW
2011 Secrets, Objects
Gyeoljeongjeog Hanbang Junior
2012 Milwoldo Ganeun Gil Jong Hyuk
U.F.O Jung Young-kyu
Danchu Jeon Hee-won
Oelowoseo Geulaesseoyo
2013 Neverdie Butterfly Jin Myung-ho
2015 Gaeappa


  • Kim appeared in All Shook Up, alongside future Boys Over Flowers costars J-Min, Lee Woo-jong, Sun Han-guk, Jang Dae-ung, Jung Ga-hee, and Ryu Su-hwa.

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