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Kim is a common Korean surname. For others who share the name, see Kim.

Kim Hyun-joong (Hangul: 김현중 , born June 6, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea) is a South Korean actor and musician. He is a former member of SS501. Kim also has a successful solo career, releasing several Korean and Japanese albums. In acting, he is well known for playing Yoon Ji-hoo in Boys Over Flowers and Baek Seung-jo in Playful Kiss.


Early life

Kim was born on June 6, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea.[1]


Kim debuted in June 2005 as the leader of the boy band SS501. Their debut album, titled Warning, came out later that month.[2]

On May 12, 2015, Kim enlisted for mandatory military service. He finished his basic training on June 18, and began working as a border patrol the following day.[3][4] Kim was released in February 2017.[5]

Personal life

In August 2014, Kim's former girlfriend, surname Choi, filed an assault complaint against him, accusing him of multiple beatings.[6] Kim denied the accusations, only admitting to hurting her by accident while practicing martial arts. Choi dropped some charges when he officially apologized.[7] The court ordered him to pay a five million won fine.[8] In May 2015, she filed a civil suit against Kim, citing mental damages[9] and accused him of causing her to miscarry.[10] He filed a countersuit for defamation.[11] Kim and Choi reconciled briefly in late 2014, resulting in her pregnancy.[8] He took a paternity test in December 2015, confirming that he was the father of the child whom was born in September.[12]

In August 2016, Choi's civil case was dismissed for lack of evidence and she was ordered to pay a 100 million won fine.[11] The following month, Kim was acquitted of all charges filed by Choi.[13][14] In January 2017, Kim filed criminal charges against Choi for attempted fraud and defamation.[15] She was indicted and the courts ordered her to pay a five million won fine in February 2018.[16] Choi filed an appeal, which was dismissed by the Supreme Court in November 2020. The court upheld the previous cases.[17]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2005 Nonstop 5 Cameo
Can We Refill the Love? William
2007 Hotelier Cameo Episode 7
2008 Spotlight Cameo Episode 1
2009 Boys Over Flowers Yoon Ji-hoo
Boys Over Flowers: After Story Web series
2010 Playful Kiss Baek Seung-jo
2011 Dream High Cameo Episode 1
2014 Inspiring Generation Shin Jung-tae
2018 When Time Stopped Moon Joon-woo


Year Title Role Notes
2006 Pi's Story Bap, Max Voice
2021 Indian Pink


  • On January 21, 2009, Kim was involved in a minor car accident while on his way to film Boys Over Flowers. No one was hurt.[18] His costars Kim Joon,[19] Kim Bum,[20] and Ku Hye-sun also had car accidents while filming. Ku's accident necessitated a delay in Boys Over Flowers airing. Kim and his male costars filmed a special that aired in place of episode seventeen.[21]
  • Three of Kim's SS501 bandmates have a cameo appearance in episode four of Boys Over Flowers.

  • He and Lee Min-ho had guest roles in Nonstop 5 (2005), in which Ku Hye-sun had a starring role.
  • Kim had a cameo appearance in Spotlight (2008), in which Ahn Suk-hwan appeared in.
  • Lee Si-young also appeared in Playful Kiss (2010) with Kim.
  • Kim reunited with Jung Ho-bin in Inspiring Generation (2014).

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