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Kenta Moriguchi (森口 健太 (もりぐち けんた) Moriguchi Kenta) was a former Eitoku Academy student. Like the F4, he ruled the school during his time there. Kenta manipulated his classmates, creating a suspicious and uneasy environment. In his third year, Haruto Kaguragi exposed him and Kenta dropped out.


Early life[]

Kenta was an only child born on June 19, 1999. His family was most likely wealthy.[1]

High school[]

At Eitoku Academy, a rumor circulated that Kenta's father owned Pixar. He took control of the school and ruled over his classmates with fear and manipulation. In his third year, he was confronted by a first year, Haruto Kaguragi. Haruto exposed Kenta for not having paid his tuition for a year. Kenta's clique turned on him, upset that he lied about his father. He attempted to oppose Haruto, but backed down when he learned he was heir to Kaguragi Enterprises. Kenta then dropped out of Eitoku.[1]

Physical appearance[]

Kenta had short black hair and dark brown eyes. His face was normal, though his ears were a little large. He was often spotted with a smug smirk on his face. Kenta was only seen wearing his Eitoku uniform.

Personality and traits[]

He used his power over his classmates to manipulate them for his amusement. His classmates became suspicious of each other, creating a "grim" environment. Kenta was also a liar and coward since he pretended his father owned Pixar and backed down when Haruto confronted him.

Behind the scenes[]


  • He is an original character played by Kaito Yoshimura (吉村界人 () ) in one episode of Hana Nochi Hare.[2]



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