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Kenneth Tsang Kong (Chinese: 曾江; Sidney Lau: Jang Kong, October 5, 1934 – April 27, 2022) was a veteran actor whose career began in the 1950s. He was primarily active in Hong Kong, but was also well known for performing in Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hollywood productions.

Tsang appeared in Meteor Garden II as Mr. Gao, alongside his wife Chiao Chiao.


Early life[]

Tsang was born on October 5, 1934 in Shanghai, China.[1] His father was a businessman living in Vietnam. Some of Tsang's family was educated in the United States and he considered their lives "westernized." He grew up in the midst of the Second Sino-Japanese War. At the age of fourteen, Tsang's family immigrated to Hong Kong.[2] After graduating from secondary school, he went abroad to study at McMurry University for his freshman year. He then transferred to University of California, Berkeley.


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Personal life[]


Tsang with his wife, Chiao Chiao

Tsang married The Big Circus costar Landi Chang in 1969.[3] They had one son together. After ten years of marriage, they divorced and Chang moved to Vancouver, Canada with their son.[4] In 1980, Tsang married columnist and model Barbara Tang. They had a daughter, Musette Tang, before divorcing in 1990. He married actress Chiao Chiao in 1994 in Singapore.[3] Tsang and Chiao were married for twenty-eight years at the time of his death.[5]


On April 25, 2022, Tsang arrived in Hong Kong from Singapore. He checked into the Kowloon Hotel to quarantine. The following day, Tsang took a COVID-19 test which came back negative. Tsang, who suffered from hypertension, experienced some symptoms and asked a relative to deliver his medicine, which they promptly did. A hotel employee found him unconscious on April 27. Paramedics were called and pronounced Tsang dead at the scene.[6][7] He was eighty-seven.[8] A small funeral was held for Tsang on May 17. It was attended by his family and a few friends. His son was unable to attend due to Hong Kong's quarantine protocols.[9]

Selected filmography[]

Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
1986 New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre Tse Shun
1995 The Teochew Family Cai Qing-yang
1996 The Unbeatables II Ye Zhong
2002 Meteor Garden II Gao
2007 Parental Guidance Patrick Seto
2016 Stan Lee's Lucky Man Freddie Lau


Year Title Role Notes
1986 A Better Tomorrow Ken
Peking Opera Blues General Tsao
1987 A Better Tomorrow II Ken
1989 The Killer Sgt. Tsang Yeh
1991 Once a Thief Chow
1992 Supercop Khun Chaibat
1998 The Replacement Killers Terence Wei
1999 Anna and the King Justice Phya Phrom
2001 Rush Hour 2 Captain Chin
2002 Die Another Day General Moon
2005 Memoirs of a Geisha The General
2006 The Tokyo Trial Xiang Zhejun
2009 Formosa Betrayed General Tse
2011 Overheard 2 Tony Wong Sai-tung
2014 You Are My Sassy Girl Shen's father
2016 For a Few Bullets Oda Koki


  • Tsang and his wife Chiao Chiao are one of three couples to appear in any Boys Over Flowers media, but he and Chiao are the only to appear together and as a couple.
  • After Tsang's death, director Peter Mak shared a photo on Facebook of them and Chiao on the set of Meteor Garden II.[10]


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