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"Banzai! Banzai!"
—Ken's oft-repeated phrase, usually to Tsukasa

Ken Uchida (内田 ケン (うちだ ケン) Uchida Ken) was a former Domyoji Group employee. He was in charge of a factory in New York. Ken worked with Tsukasa Domyoji and the two became good friends. Kaede Domyoji convinced him to fake his death and he left to start a new business in Japan.


Life in New York[]

In New York City, Ken was in charge of factory, where he worked with Tsukasa Domyoji. The two of them became close friends. Ken often invited him to his house for lunch with his wife and two children. At one point, Tsukasa made some careless comments about his mother, Kaede. This caused many problems for Domyoji Group, include large-scale layoffs. Ken was one of the casualties.[1] He appealed to Kaede to reconsider firing him. She proposed a deal, which he agreed to. First, Ken pretended his life was ruined and eventually faked his death. In exchange, he was able to start a new business in Japan.[2]

Return to Japan[]

Ken moved back to Japan with his family. Over a year later, Tsukasa happened to see Ken in Tokyo.[3] Ken ran from him, but Tsukasa was able to catch up to him. Nowhere to go, Ken apologized profusely, before revealing the whole truth to Tsukasa. Tsukasa was more self-deprecating than angry, saying "I fell right into that witch's trap."[2] Ken was frightened that Tsukasa would hurt him upon finding out the truth. However, Tsukasa only asked if his family was well and told him "I'm so glad you're alive". Ken later confronted Kaede for not sending a rescue team to find Tsukasa, who was lost in a snowstorm at the time.[4]

A few years later, Ken attended Tsukasa's and Tsukushi Makino's wedding. He congratulated Tsukasa by shouting "Banzai!".[5]

Physical appearance[]

Ken had short black hair, and round, dark brown eyes. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties at least. The stress from the situation with Domyoji Group took a toll on his looks, making him appear tired and a bit grim.

Personality and traits[]

Above all else, Ken valued his family's safety and security. This was demonstrated, when he accepted the deal with Kaede with few reservations. Later, Ken may have regretted his actions. He was deeply moved by Tsukasa's tears, who he thought would kill him after finding out the truth.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • Mai Mizuki (水月舞 () ) plays Ken's wife, and Sui Miyazaki (宮崎翠 () ) and Honoka Hashida (橋田歩果 () ) play his children, in the flashback sequences.
  • Ken is often shown shouting the phrase, "Banzai." It is a traditional Japanese exclamation wishing someone to have long life, similar to the English statement "Long live..."



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