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Zhu Xiao Tian (Chinese: 朱孝天; pinyin: Zhū Xiàotiān, born January 15, 1979 in Taiwan), also known as Ken Chu, is a Taiwanese actor, singer and composer. He is best known for appearing in Meteor Garden (2001). Chu is also a former member of F4, which he formed with his Meteor Garden castmates.

Chu played Xi Men in Meteor Garden, Meteor Rain (2001), and Meteor Garden II (2002).


Early life[]

Chu was born on January 15, 1979 in Taiwan. He has a sister and brother. At ten years old, his parents divorced and his mother brought Chu and his sister to live in Singapore. His mother ended up going to Thailand and the Philippines to find work, leaving Chu and his sister with guardians in Singapore.[1] He lived there for eight years, and attended Bukit Merah Primary School and Boon Lay Secondary School.[2]


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In 2000, Chu had his television debut in Spicy Teacher, co-starring Jerry Yan and Blue Lan. He starred in Meteor Garden with Yan in 2001. Chu was discovered by the series producer Angie Chai, while working as a waiter in Taiwan. After Meteor Garden's success, Chu, Yan, Vic Chou, and Vanness Wu formed F4, named after their group on the show. Chu reprised his role in the sequels, Meteor Rain (2001) and Meteor Garden II (2002). Also in 2001, he starred in Marmalade Boy and Poor Prince. Chu appeared with his F4 bandmates in CTV's Come to My Place in 2002.

Chu starred in his first film, Sky of Love, with Gigi Leung in 2003. The same year, he starred alongside Chou, Beatrice Hsu, and Vivian Hsu in Love Storm. In 2004, Chu reunited with Rainie Yang and Michelle Saram in City of Sky. The following year, he released his first solo album, On Ken's Time. Chu went on to appear in the period film, The Tokyo Trial, in 2006. He starred as the title character in 2007's The Legend of Chu Liuxiang. Later that year, he appeared in the Filipino film, Batanes. Chu starred in Wish to See You Again with Chou and Wu in 2008.

In 2009, he had a cameo in the film L-O-V-E and appeared as the older brother of Cyndi Wang's character in Momo Love. He starred in Remember, About Us opposite Michelle Chen in 2011. Chu appeared in the wuxia fantasy Hero in 2013. In recent years, Chu has appeared mainly in Chinese productions, including The Story of Youth (2014), The Dream Come True (2015), The Times We Had, and Gorgeous Workers (both 2017). He is currently set to co-star in Xiang Xin Ai (相信爱).

Personal life[]


Chu and his wife at their wedding with Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu

Chu started dating Taiwanese actress Kelly Lin in 2005, after filming The Tokyo Trial together. The couple dated for five years, breaking up in 2010.[3] In February 2015, Chu announced that he was in a relationship on Sina Weibo.[4] He and actress Vivien Han (韓雯雯 Hán Wénwén) registered their marriage on April 12, 2016.[5] They held a wedding ceremony on September 3, 2016 in Bali. Chu's former bandmates Yan and Wu attended the ceremony.[6]

In late 2017, Chu revealed to the public that he suffers from fibromyalgia. He made the announcement after the media made fun of his weight gain, which was a side effect from his medication.[7][8] Chu has also expressed reluctance at having children due to his condition possibly being passed on.[9]


Television dramas

Year Title Role Notes
2000 Spicy Teacher Chen Jia Bao
2001 Meteor Garden Xi Men
Meteor Rain Xi Men
Sunflower Zhou Xiao Long
Marmalade Boy Song Pu Yu
Poor Prince He Fu
2002 Come to My Place Guan Tian Jian
Meteor Garden II Xi Men
2003 Hi Working Girl Himself Cameo
Love Storm Wan Bao Long
2004 City of Sky Lu Bin Fei
2007 The Legend of Chu Liuxiang Chu Liuxiang
2008 Wish to See You Again Ding Yu Hao
2009 Momo Love Chen Qi
2010 And the Taste of Happiness Meng Qiang
2011 Remember, About Us Luo Jia Jun
2013 Meiyou Chengnuo De Ai Han Jia Qi
Hero Fan Li
2014 The Story of Youth Cai Ming Zhen
2015 The Dream Come True Lin Chong
2017 Gorgeous Workers Zhong Ping
The Times We Had Chun Yu Qiu
TBA Xiang Xin Ai Han Min


Year Title Role Notes
2003 Sky of Love Wen Jia Hui
2006 The Tokyo Trial Hsiao Nan
2007 Batanes Kao
2009 L-O-V-E Dentist Cameo
2018 Blue Goldfish Yu Lin Feng


  • In September 2018, Chu appeared on a talk show with Barbie Hsu, in which she revealed that she had attempted to set him up with her sister when they were younger. Chu was shocked since he had not realized her intentions at the time.[10]
  • Chu and Jerry Yan appeared on the variety show Trump Show (王牌對王牌) in April 2019 with Meteor Garden (2018) stars Shen Yue and Darren Chen.[11]
  • F4 had an "unconventional" reunion on Jiangsu TV in October 2020. Chu, Jerry Yan, and Vic Chou were prerecorded and projected onto the stage, likely due to COVID-19 restrictions. Vanness Wu was the only one who was there live.[12]
  • In a 2022 interview, Chu admitted that he never felt close to his F4 bandmates.[13] Yan and Vanness Wu made a similar statement in an earlier interview and elaborated on problems with the band.[14]

  • Chu appeared in Spicy Teacher (2000) as a first generation student. Jerry Yan, Blue Lan, and Lin Zu En appeared in the same generation, while Beatrice Hsu was in the third generation.
  • He appeared in Poor Prince (2001) with Vic Chou and Edward Ou.
  • Yan, Chou, and Vanness Wu also starred with Chu in Come to My Place (2002).
  • Chu appeared in Hi Working Girl (2003) with Megan Lai and Wallace Chung.
  • He and Chou starred in Love Storm (2003) along with Beatrice Hsu.
  • In 2004, he starred in City of Sky and reunited with Michelle Saram and Rainie Yang.
  • He appeared in the film, The Tokyo Trial (2006), with Kenneth Tsang.
  • Chu and Chou starred in Wish to See You Again (2008), which featured Wu in a supporting role. Lai also made a cameo appearance in the drama.

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