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"I once saw a young boy about my age who had a huge present. I was very envious. Yesterday, I said that you determine your own happiness, but I'll never forget that. He had everything I wanted."
—Kei Windsor[src]

Kei Windsor (景・ウィンザー (ケイ・ウィンザー) Kei Uīnzā) was a marketing consultant and Harvard graduate. He was orphaned and put into foster care at a young age. While living in New York City, Kei developed a grudge against Haruto Kaguragi and his father. He then used it as motivation to better himself and made plans for revenge.


Early life[]

Kei's mother passed away when he was seven, leaving him an orphan. He was then put into foster care.[2] One day, while living in New York City, Kei's foster mother sent him out to do some shopping in the snow. Kei saw a young boy, Haruto Kaguragi, with a large present.[3] Haruto's father ordered his bodyguard to shoo Kei away. Once they left, Kei found a magazine with Haruto's father on the cover.[4]

Young adulthood[]

Kei formed a grudge against the Kaguragi family that ultimately served as "motivation to better [himself]."[5] By thirteen, he had enrolled at Harvard University, and was working as a marketing consultant by seventeen.[1]

Coming to Japan[]


Kei starts working at Dowson

"Haruto is staying at your house, right? He was kicked out of his own house. What you're doing is wrong. The English philosopher Francis Bacon once said "But it is in life, as it is in ways, the shortest way is commonly the foulest." You can't make it too easy for him."
—Kei confronts Oto about Haruto staying with her[src]

Kei first approached Haruto's father through his consultant job. Kaguragi subsequently decided to disown Haruto and adopt Kei as the future heir of Kaguragi Enterprises. Kei went to live in the Kaguragis' house in Tokyo, where he introduced himself to Haruto.[1] The following day, Kei confronted Oto Edogawa at her job about harboring Haruto at her house. He criticized that she was making it "too easy for him." Kei then asked her to take him to Haruto.[6] Oto refused his request and ordered him to leave. Kei instead began giving his marketing advice to the store. The manager was impressed with the results, so Kei offered to continue helping. At this point, Oto dragged him outside. He claimed "This doesn't have anything to do with Haruto," leaving her no room to argue.[7]

The next day, Kei returned to work at the convenience store. Oto told him that Haruto had left her house, but Kei insisted that he would he continue helping out there.[2] The manager later asked Kei and Oto to purchase decorations for the store. After procuring some, Kei spotted Haruto. He then lifted Oto above a puddle, causing her to scream and catch Haruto's attention.[3] Haruto asked her why she was with him. Kei interrupted her by saying her given name, which irritated Haruto. He eventually asked Kei to allow Kobayashi to continue working at the Kaguragis and then made to leave. Oto tried to explain again, but Haruto became angry and yelled at her. Kei defended her, saying "Don't take you anger out on Oto." That night, Kei followed Oto to a nearby park and told her "I'm here for you."[4]

Getting close to Oto[]


Kei's attempt to bring Oto to America fails

"Because of you, they're all getting hurt. Especially those precious to you. If everyone is so kind and nice, then you should be the one to end it. Since they wouldn't be able to cut ties with you, right? That's why you should be the one to save them from this pain. By saying goodbye."
—Kei manipulates Oto's emotions[src]

Kei told Oto that he felt responsible for Haruto's words. Oto replied "I'm used to it." Kei advised her not to get used to being hurt. However, he actually wanted her to be hurt for his plans. After Oto left, Kei followed her and found her crying.[8] Kei brought her to a café, where he told her to "cut ties" with her friends if she wanted to stop hurting them. He then invited her to go to America with him.[9] The next day, Kei and Oto met at the airport. She decided that she wanted to speak to Haruto again, which angered Kei. He grabbed her arm and was attempting to drag her to the gate, when Haruto arrived.[10] Haruto revealed that he saw Kei's papers. Realizing his plot was foiled, Kei became quiet before saying "I was so close too." He made one last attempt to convince Oto to go to with him. Haruto stood in front of her so Kei gave up.[11]

Afterwards, Kei went to the store to talk to the manager. There he was picked up by some men working for Haruto's father. His departing words to the manager were "Thank you very much."[12] He was then brought to the Kaguragi Enterprises' office. There it was revealed that Kei's data breach had not actually effected the company since the information was planted. Haruto's father spoke to him via video, saying he used him as a "test" for his son. Disappointed that he had been "bested," Kei resolved to "take him down" one day. Before leaving, he told Haruto "I thought you had it all, but when I met you, you didn't have anything."[5] Kei returned home to America, where he started an affiliate company in order to compete with Haruto in the future. Haruto thought he was "amazing" for setting up the company so fast.[13]

Physical appearance[]

Kei was possibly part-Japanese, suggested by his given name. He had jet black hair, which was about medium-length. Kei had large, open eyes and thick eyebrows. His wardrobe consisted of light, easy-to-wear clothing. He also wore an earring in his left ear.

Personality and traits[]

Kei was emotionally damaged from his time in foster care. He described it as a small hole that became "such a big tear that it can never be fixed." His emotional state lead him to fixate the Kaguragis over a small incident. Afterwards, he used it as motivation, becoming a child prodigy and attending Harvard. He studied Behavioral Economics, making him knowledgeable about marketing. Kei used this to connect himself to Haruto's father and officially implemented his plan to take everything from him. In the end, he was surprised to find that "[Haruto] didn't have anything". Behind the lies and manipulation, Kei was shown to care about certain people.

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