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"What she probably needs now is the tender support of a big-hearted person like me. Now, maybe, she'll realize what a treasure I am."
—Kazuya's crush on Tsukushi[src]

Kazuya Aoike (青池 和也 (あおいけ かずや) Aoike Kazuya) was a student at Eitoku Academy. His family recently gained wealth, leading him to be labeled as "nouveau riche." He was an old friend of Tsukushi Makino since elementary school. Kazuya had a crush on Tsukushi though she never noticed his feelings. He continued being a close friend to her nonetheless.


Early life[]

His family were farmers. Kazuya was in the same class as Tsukushi Makino during elementary school. Tsukushi "always looked after [him]" back then.[2]

High school[]

Kazuya's family became rich after selling their land when the economic bubble burst. They built a new house in Setagaya. Kazuya also transferred to Eitoku Academy at the beginning of his second year of high school.[2]

First days at Eitoku[]


Kazuya compliments Tsukushi at Tsukasa's party

Tsukushi: "Kazuya, it's not too late. Change schools."
Kazuya: "Then what about you?"
Tsukushi: "I'll be all right. It's just for two more years."
Kazuya: "I'll hang in there. If I'm with you, I can take it. I can't leave you alone in a place like this."
— Kazuya decides to stay at Eitoku for Tsukushi[src]

Kazuya was apprehensive about attending Eitoku at first, but was relieved when a mutual friend informed him about Tsukushi going there. The two spent much of his first day reminiscing. Later, Kazuya found a red slip in his locker and mistook it for a "welcome" note. The students began throwing eggs at him, followed by natto. Tsukushi left him on his own to confront Tsukasa Domyoji. When she returned, Tsukushi advised him to "change schools." Kazuya refused, saying he could not leave her there alone. The mob caught up with them, leading him and Tsukushi to run into Eitoku University's cafeteria.[2] There Rui Hanazawa forced the bullies to leave them alone. Later that day, Kazuya ran up to Tsukushi. He then invited her to his parents' villa for the summer, just before she passed out.[4]

For summer vacation, Kazuya headed to Atami with Tsukushi and her mother and father. After visiting a shrine, they went to the beach to see his family's boat. They were then greeted by Tsukasa on his yacht. That night, Kazuya attended Tsukasa's party. He complimented Tsukushi and asked her to dance. She declined, so he danced with another girl.[5] When the lights turned off, Tsukushi and Tsukasa kissed shocking Kazuya. The next morning, Kazuya tried to help Tsukushi by telling her parents about the kiss. They, however, were happy about it. That night, Kazuya challenged Tsukasa to catch more squid than him. He ended up catching several, while Tsukasa caught none. The two returned to the yacht, where they found Tsukushi and had a cookout with the other students.[6]

Start of fall term[]


Kazuya shocked by the news

"That last night was something, huh? By the end, I was getting pretty emotional. I built a bridge between us commoners and the rich folk! With squid! That's a pretty big deal, I say! No one will ever bully me here again! Remember everyone was eating the squids? We got soy sauce on our faces and laughed together! I finally felt like I belonged at Eitoku!"
—Kazuya is hopeful about the new term[src]

On the first day of the new term, Kazuya returned to school believing he and Tsukushi would no longer be bullied because of what happened at the end of the trip. Tsukushi tried to tell him it was not that easy. He was proven wrong when another student threw a can at him. Tsukushi lifted up his spirits by saying "I'm with you! We won't give up!"[7] Later the same day, he and Tsukushi saw Tsukasa attacking another student. Teacher Urara Aoi eventually stopped him. Kazuya asked "What's gotten into him?" to a confused Tsukushi. Several days later, he escorted Tsukushi and her friend Yuki Matsuoka to Shizuka Todo's birthday party.[8] There, despite telling Yuki "Celebrities are everyday people to socialites like us," Kazuya became starstruck and asked for an autograph.[9]

A few days later, Kazuya went with the others to say goodbye to Shizuka at the airport. He asked Tsukasa about a box he was holding. Tsukasa opened it, revealing a toy that jumped out and scared Kazuya.[10] At school, Tsukasa visited their classroom and told Tsukushi a time and place. Kazuya surmised that he was asking her on a date and declared "Not my Tsukushi." She did not hear the last comment.[11] The following Monday, Kazuya noticed that everyone was acting strange around him and Tsukushi. He found out why, when he saw a notice on the bulletin board which indicated that Tsukushi and Tsukasa were dating.[12] The next day, he happened to pass by Tsukushi in his car. She invited him to meet Thomas with her. Kazuya was excited to meet a foreigner, though Thomas ended up being quite rude to him.[13]

Stint in the F4[]


Kazuya when Tsukasa decides to add him to the F4

"I got up at five this morning and practiced at the park. I couldn't sleep in on such a big day. I can't let you get expelled."
—Kazuya to Tsukushi before the match[src]

Two days later, Tsukushi was tied to a car by their classmates. Kazuya tried to stop them, but someone punched him in the face. He was then tied to a tree and his mouth was covered.[14] A couple days later, things had seemingly returned to normal. Kazuya and Tsukushi had lunch together at school though she left without finishing her food.[15] Some days later, Kazuya learned from Tsukushi's mother that she had gone to Tsukasa's private island. He and Sakurako Sanjo sailed his boat there. Tsukasa was annoyed but Sojiro said "Since they're already here, it can't be helped." Later, Kazuya showed them a magazine which carried news of Shizuka's engagement.[16] The next morning, Tsukasa departed on his jet which forced everyone else to take Kazuya's boat home. He was seasick for most of the trip.[17]

A few days later, Tsukasa recruited Kazuya to replace to Rui in the F4, which annoyed Akira Mimasaka and Sojiro Nishikado. Kazuya was later stopped by Tsubaki Domyoji who threateningly asked him what was happening. The next day, Tsukasa attempted to have Tsukushi and Rui expelled. Tsubaki suggested they decide the matter with sports and a basketball match was decided on. Kazuya was on Rui's and Tsukushi's team. They practiced late into the night.[18] The next morning, Kazuya woke up early to continue practicing. He then headed to school for the match and told Tsukushi "I can't let you get expelled." Their team was behind for most of the match until the last minute. After Rui implemented a strong strategy, Kazuya was able to score one point. Tsukasa in the end called off the match.[19]

Attempts to confess[]


Kazuya poses for a photo with Tsukasa

Tsukushi: "I'm just fed up with my stupidity. I've always been so gullible. I always find out too late that I've been fooled."
Kazuya: "What do you mean?! That's why you're so wonderful, Tsukushi! That's why everyone likes you. Of course, that's what I like about you."
— Kazuya attempts to confess his feelings to Tsukushi[src]

Following the match, Kazuya went to the Domoyjis' house with everyone, except Tsukasa. When Akira and Sojiro asked Rui if he had slept with Tsukushi, Kazuya protested "Tsukushi wouldn't do that!" He then had to be held back and eventually tied up, when the guys locked Tsukushi and Rui in a room together.[20] A few days later, Kazuya went to see off Tsukasa at the airport. When Sojiro questioned his reason for being there, he said "I'm a member of the F4, aren't I?" They then began discussing Tsukushi, leading Kazuya to reveal her family's financial situation.[21] Several days later, Kazuya and Sakurako went to visit them in the hospital. They ran into Junpei Oribe, whom was responsible for their friends' injuries. Sakurako called him handsome, leading Kazuya to criticize her for being an "unfaithful" friend.[22]

Some days later, Kazuya met up with Tsukushi to share their lunch. They were joined shortly by Tsukasa. Kazuya asked him "Is it true you've got a girlfriend? When Tsukasa confirmed it, he happily exclaimed "You've finally given up Tsukushi!" Sojiro promptly hit Kazuya to get him to shut up.[23] The next day, he noticed that Tsukushi seemed angry and asked her if something was wrong. She confided in him that she felt she was too "gullible." Kazuya told her that this actually made her "wonderful." He then tried to say that he liked her twice, but she did not hear him either time. Tsukushi thanked him for helping her out of her "slump." She then declared "Let's be friends forever!," leaving him somewhat devastated. She did not notice this as she told him goodbye. He sadly said "Bye, bye" as he watched her leave.[24]

Supporting Tsukushi[]


Kazuya asleep during the exam

Kazuya: "Nice job, Tsukushi. But if you go away, it'll be pretty lonely around here."
Sakurako: "Aw, come on! It's not as though we'll never see her again. Let's not get so emotional."
— Kazuya tears up when Tsukushi passes the exam[src]

The following Monday, Kazuya ran up to Tsukushi after hearing about her family moving. The F3 joined them. Sojiro and Akira teased Tsukushi about what happened between her and Rui at Shigeru Okawahara's villa. Kazuya said "How could you, when you have me?" which she did not hear.[25] Some days later, Kazuya went over to Tsukushi's apartment with Yuki and Makiko Endo to help her decorate. He asked Tsukushi if Tsukasa knew she was living alone. She said there was "no reason to tell him" which made Kazuya happy. The next morning, Kazuya and Tsukushi discovered that Shigeru had transferred to Eitoku.[26] Later, Kazuya and Sakurako overheard Yuriko Asai talking about Tsukasa and Shigeru. He was happy that it seemed Tsukushi was "free of that ruffian."[27]

Sometime later, Kazuya saw a notice for the exchange student program. He suggested for Tsukushi to take the exam. When she decided to take it, Kazuya also declared he was going to do it. The night before the test, everyone went to have a party at Tsukushi's home. Kazuya obviously stayed up too late, because he fell asleep during the test.[28] When the results came out, Kazuya congratulated Tsukushi on passing. He teared up a little, confessing that he would be "lonely" without her.[29] Tsukushi ultimately decided to remain in Japan. Over the next three months, Kazuya grew closer to Sakurako, who was always there to encourage him. After Tsukasa's wedding, Kazuya was there with his boat to rein in Shigeru when she jumped off the cruise ship. Everyone then waved at Tsukasa and Tsukushi, wishing them to "be happy."[3]

Physical appearance[]

In contrast to the handsome F4, he had a relatively normal appearance. His soft, round face made him look younger than his actual age. Kazuya's small build and low weight also contributed to his youthful appearance. He had wavy, auburn-colored hair which he kept short. Kazuya mostly wore the typical Eitoku uniform. Outside of school, he favored clothing with bright colors.

Personality and traits[]

Kazuya was a generally happy person with a good heart. He was a bit wimpy, especially when compared to the F4. However, he had "guts" being able to withstand the bullying of his classmates for some months. His crush on Tsukushi was strong since he had elected to stay at Eitoku, despite the bullying. He continued having feelings for Tsukushi, hoping that she would notice but she never did.


Kazuya (和也; かずや) is a male given name. It is written with two kanji, which mean "harmony," "peace" (和)[31] and "to be" (也).[32] His surname Aoike (青池; あおいけ) contains two kanji. The name means "blue," "green" (青)[33] and "pond," "pool" (池).[34]

Behind the scenes[]

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Kazuya in the film

  • In Hana Yori Dango: The Movie (1997), Ietomi also voices Kazuya.[37] Set in an alternate universe, he works as a spotlight operator. After Sakurako is injured by accident, Kazuya's manager lays the blame on him and fires him. He says goodbye to Tsukushi and returns to his hometown. Kazuya comes back for her first performance, fulfilling his promise to "light [her] up" on stage.



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