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"For me, my mother is the only one. But, for my father, who has lost his wife, Rie is necessary. You are an important person."
Tenma to Rie, Kazuma's second wife[src]

Kazuma Hase (馳 一馬 (はせ かずま) Hase Kazuma) was the president of Japan's leading IT company, Hase Live. He had one son, Tenma Hase, with his first wife Miyoko. After his wife's death, he married his secretary Rie.


Kazuma founded a successful IT company, Hase Live. It made it into the "First Section" of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in one generation. He married Miyoko with whom he had one son, Tenma. The Hases' were close to the Edogawa family, even arranging an engagement between their children.[1] His first wife passed away from cancer on October 15, 2016.[2]

He later married Rie who comforted him at his wife's funeral.[3] Rie allowed Tenma's engagement to Oto Edogawa, though she stipulated that Oto was to continue attending Eitoku.[1] During Tenma's second year, Rie reported to Kazuma that Tenma was being "pushed off" by Oto. Kazuma agreed with her and scheduled a meeting with Oto and her mother to discuss the engagement. Yukie arrived on time, but Oto was extremely late. They were about to leave when Oto finally arrived with Haruto Kaguragi, who explained what happened. Kazuma was satisfied with the explanation, feeling that Oto genuinely cared for his son.[4]

Physical appearance[]

Kazuma was probably in his early to mid-forties. His long, black hair was almost shoulder-length. Kazuma mostly button-down shirts and blazers of varying colors. He also always wore glasses.

Personality and traits[]

He was a genial person with a good head for business. Kazuma was able to make his company success within a generation, which was considered a rare feat. He encouraged Tenma to "live independently" from a young age.

Behind the scenes[]

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