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"Miyoko was really looking forward to your and Tenma's marriage until the end. I felt that if it happened, it'd seem like she was still with us."
—Kazuma Hase[src]

Kazuma Hase (馳 一馬 (はせ かずま) Hase Kazuma) was a wealthy businessman. He was the father of Tenma through his first wife Miyoko. After Miyoko passed away, Kazuma married Mirei. He supported his son's engagement to Oto Edogawa as it made him still feel connected to Miyoko. In the end, Kazuma accepted the termination of the engagement.


Adult life[]

Kazuma had one son, Tenma, with his first wife, Miyoko. Sometime following Miyoko's passing, he was remarried to Mirei. He and Mirei honored Miyoko's wish for Tenma and Oto Edogawa to be married. However, Mirei set a condition that she had to continue attending Eitoku Academy.[1]

Tenma and Oto[]


Kazuma accepts the engagement ending

Kazuma: "Can you tell me the reason why?"
Oto: "I have fallen in love with someone else."
— Kazuma asks Oto her reason for ending the engagement[src]

When Tenma was injured in Kyoto, Kazuma and Mirei quickly flew there from Tokyo. The doctor explained to them about Tenma's nerve injury and felt that there was "hope for a full recovery." Kazuma and Mirei soon heard from the police that the assailants confessed to the incident. Mirei became distressed, reiterating that she was against the engagement and yelled "If he wasn't dating her, this never would have happened!" Kazuma tried to quiet her down and politely asked Oto to leave.[2] A day or so later, Kazuma apologized to Oto for what his wife said previously. He then said "Please look after Tenma," before returning to Tokyo with Mirei. Tenma stayed behind in Kyoto to recuperate from his injury.[3] He returned to his parents in Tokyo six months later.[4]

Some months later, Oto's mother contacted Kazuma about ending the engagement. He was "very disappointed" and asked for a meeting in order to discuss it.[5] On the day of, Oto arrived without her mother whom was sick. Kazuma asked Oto her reason for ending the engagement. Tenma attempted to interrupt, taking all the blame himself. Oto informed him that she was "in love with someone else."[6] Kazuma accepted the reason calmly, despite his disappointment. He apologized to Tenma and Oto for not putting their feelings first, and to his wife for his "selfishness."[7] A couple days later, Tenma told his father that he wanted to transfer to Momonozono Academy's sister school in Los Angeles.[8] Kazuma questioned if he wanted to leave because of Oto, which Tenma denied saying "This is for me."[9]

Physical appearance[]

Kazuma had similar features to his son, Tenma, including his overall face shape. He had short, light hair that he parted to the right. Being a businessman, he wore a sharp suit and tie.

Personality and traits[]

He was a nice person, though somewhat insensitive. Despite loving his son, Kazuma appeared to be more committed to his work, exhibited when he left Tenma to recover alone in Kyoto. He still held on to the memories his first wife, leaving Mirei feeling insecure at times.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes



Tet Wada as Kazuma

  • Kazuma is played by Tet Wada in Hana Nochi Hare (2018).[11] Similar to the manga, he is often busy with his work and rarely has time for Tenma. His background and wife's death are explored a bit more in the drama.



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