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Kanittha Na Bangpleang, also known by her nickname Kaning (Thai: คะนิ้ง), was the best friend of Gorya. She and Gorya worked part-time together at Gawao's flower shop, Maytee O Garden. Kaning always supported Gorya through her hardships with her family and Thyme. During high school, Kaning developed a crush on F4 member Kavin.


Early life[]


Kaning with Gorya in lower-secondary

Kaning attended the same lower-secondary school as her best friend, Gorya Thitara Jundee.[3]

High school[]

By upper-secondary, Kaning and Gorya were split up when the latter began attending Kocher High School. The two, however, still spent a lot of time together since they both worked part-time at Gawao's flower shop Maytee O Garden.[3]

Supporting Gorya[]

Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]


Her nickname, Kaning (คะนิ้ง), is a reference to hoarfrost in the Northeastern Thai dialect.[5] The first part, Ka (คะ), does not have a particular meaning as it is usually used as a particle at the end of a sentence.[6] The second part, ning (นิ้ง), can mean "still."[7] Her full name is Kanittha Na Bangpleang.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes



  1. Based on the series' timeline and since Kaning is the same age as Gorya, we can infer that she starts the series at fifteen. She is sixteen during the final episode and eighteen during the epilogue.
  2. Kaning and Gorya are the same age, making it likely that they were born the same year.
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