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Kanittha Na Bangpleang, also known by her nickname Kaning (Thai: คะนี้ง ), was the best friend of Gorya. She and Gorya worked part-time together at Gawao's flower shop, Maytee O Garden. Kaning always supported Gorya through her hardships with her family and Thyme. During high school, Kaning developed a crush on F4 member Kavin.


Early life

Kaning attended the same lower-secondary school as her best friend, Gorya Thitara Jundee.[1]

High school

By upper-secondary, Kaning and Gorya were split up when the latter began attending Kocher High School. The two, however, still spent a lot of time together since they both worked part-time at Gawao's flower shop Maytee O Garden.[1]

Supporting Gorya

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

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