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Kang Hee-soo (Hangul: 강희수) was the chairwoman of Shinhwa Group. She was the mother Gu Jun-hee and Jun-pyo. Hee-soo was often overseas due to work and rarely saw her children as a result.


Adult life[]

Hee-soo married Gu Bon-hyeong, with whom she had Jun-hee and Jun-pyo.[citation needed] Being the chairwoman of Shinhwa Group, she was often busy and maybe saw her son once a month.[1]

Meeting Jan-di[]

In late 2008, Shinhwa Group received backlash when a Shinhwa School student attempted suicide. Hee-soo was upset with the media coverage and yelled at Jung Sang-rok for allowing Jun-pyo's name to be printed. She then stated "The one who started the fire should extinguish it." That night, Sang-rok gave Geum Jan-di, the girl whom saved the student, a scholarship to Shinhwa which effectively handled the backlash.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]


Kang (강) is a common Korean surname with over one million people having the name. It is represented by at least five different Hanja, though (姜) is the most common.[3] Hee (희) means "double happiness"[4] and -soo (수) has several meanings, including "move" and "ability."[5]

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