"I'm going to stop holding back from now on. Forget about Hase! I'll be by your side forever! Don't say that you're moving to L.A.! I'm the only guy who would go shopping with you for four hours! When you call in the middle of the night and keep me up until morning, I'm the only guy who wouldn't get ticked off."
—Kaito to Airi[src]

Kaito Taira (平 海斗 (たいら かいと) Taira Kaito) was a member of the Correct 5. He was a gifted computer programmer. Kaito attended Eitoku Academy with his friends, Haruto Kaguragi, Sugimaru Eibi, Issa Narumiya, and Airi Maya. He had had a crush on Airi since they were children, which he kept a secret for a long time. She eventually returned his feelings.


Early life


Kaito and Airi when they were children

He was born on April 23.[1] Kaito began computer programming as a child.[2] In elementary school, he became friends with Haruto Kaguragi, Sugimaru Eibi, Issa Narumiya, and Airi Maya, after meeting at one of their parents' dinner parties.[3][4] They were also friends with Amei Hanawa, before she moved away in the fourth grade to receive treatment for her illness.[5]

He developed a crush on Airi during his early childhood.[6] She later confided in him that she had a crush on Haruto. Kaito decided to support her instead of telling her his feelings. He helped her lose weight since Haruto thought she was fat. Kaito himself felt that she was fine as she was.[7] The Correct 5 played basketball a lot as children, but Kaito was never able to score. Airi laughed at him so much that he began practicing in order to impress her. He eventually practiced too hard leading him to develop a stress fracture on his ribs.[8]

High school

Kaito started attending Eitoku Senior High, shortly after joining Haruto's newly formed Correct 5. He acted as Haruto's right-hand man during their "peasant hunts." Kaito handed out the withdrawal notices to the poor students, who no longer paid donations to Eitoku.[9]

Meeting Oto


Kaito realizes that Airi outed Oto as a commoner

"Haruto. We're not the F4. We don't have to become them either. As long as we protect Eitoku Academy in our own way, isn't that enough?"
—Kaito Taira to Haruto Kaguragi[src]

The Correct 5 first met Oto Edogawa, after she ran in front of their car by accident. Later that day, Kaito went with Haruto to buy his mail-order items, which he advised him to stop buying. He waited in the car while Haruto went in the convenience store. Haruto returned in shock, revealing that he was seen by Oto.[9] The next day, Haruto hurt his hand while protecting a student. He loudly complained about the pain in private though later acted like he was fine. Kaito said "It's scary how you're all for show."[10] Later, Kaito learned that Oto was actually poor. He told Haruto to "just kick her out," but he refused since he wanted revenge on her for embarrassing him earlier.[11] Haruto later spied on Oto and Kaito reluctantly followed. After saving her from her co-worker, Haruto accidentally told her that he had been following her. Kaito defended Haruto, saying he was not stalking her.[12]

Later at school, Airi, who had seen Oto at Haruto's house, asked Kaito if he knew her. Despite her scaring him, he did not reveal anything but promised to do "some research" into her identity.[13] A few days later, Airi, having grown tired of waiting for Kaito, revealed to him that she had learned Oto's name and about her fiancé Tenma Hase. Kaito then went over to Haruto's house to tell him about Tenma, which caused him to fall sick.[14] Kaito began to suspect that Haruto was in love with Oto, though he denied it.[15] Some days later, he, Issa, and Sugimaru discovered fliers, declaring Oto a "peasant." Noticing Airi nearby, Kaito immediately knew that Airi was behind them. She then asked about when they were going to make her leave, declaring "There should be no exceptions."[16] Despite recognizing Airi's actions as "horrid", Kaito later told Haruto that they had to expel Oto.[17]

Haruto went along with it at first, but ultimately could not bring himself to expel Oto. Tenma later paid a donation in her name.[18] Airi called the money "tainted," though Kaito replied "Money is money" and rescinded Oto's expulsion.[19] Several days later, Airi went missing for two days. Kaito went to Oto's home to ask her if she knew of her whereabouts.[20] Not knowing anything, the two of them proceeded to Haruto's. Kaito quickly became frustrated with him since refused to help at all. He yelled at Haruto to remember his conversation with Airi, before leaving to search at Sugimaru's and Issa's homes.[3] Kaito was later "glad [that] Airi was found safe and sound." At Issa's flower arranging demonstration, Kaito was shocked to find out that Haruto had no idea how Airi felt.[21] An hour later, Kaito told Oto that he hoped that she could forgive Airi for the ordeal.[22]

Enter Megumi


Kaito tells Haruto about "Eitoku hunting"

Kaito: "What's going on with you and Megumi Nishidome?"
Haruto: "Nothing..."
Kaito: "Okay, use her to your advantage. Nishidome's got the pull to level up your presence. If you don't like the idea of using her, then just fall in love with her for real."
— Kaito's advice to Haruto[src]

The next day, Kaito and the others were surprised when Haruto was approached by the popular model, Megumi Nishidome, at the school's gates.[23] He, like the Issa, Sugimaru, and Airi, found it hard to believe that his meeting her at the resort's bath was an accident. Once the shock wore off, they brought Megumi to their "Salon." Airi was angered by Megumi's presence, forcing Kaito to hold her back several times to stop her from attacking.[24] Several days later, Megumi transferred to Eitoku. Kaito reported that the school had a twenty percent increase in transfer applicants in just one day.[25] Later, students were being targeted in "Eitoku hunts." Kaito, Sugimaru, and Issa shared the concerns about the trend to Haruto. He advised Haruto to pretend to date Megumi since it would "level up [his] presence."[26]

A few days later, the school's gates were vandalized. At Oto's urging, the Correct 5 joined her in cleaning it up. Kaito then looked to Haruto, saying "We have to do something."[27] That night, the Correct 5, except Airi, and Megumi were at Haruto's house. When Issa brought up Oto, Kaito quickly told him not to discuss that in front of Haruto.[28] Some days later, Kaito informed Oto that Haruto and Megumi were "over". He asked her if something had happened between her and Haruto, before telling her about his advice to Haruto to "raise his status" with Megumi. Kaito then sighed, saying "I guess Haruto really prefers you".[29] Haruto later informed the others that a Momonozono student was involved in the Eitoku attacks. The revelation prompted one of them to predict "a battle between [Eitoku] and Momonozono" in the future.[30]

Haruto vs. Tenma


Kaito, Issa, and Sugimaru take Haruto home

Issa: "We're doomed, aren't we? What are we going to do?"
Kaito: "What do you men, what do we do? Haruto's got no chance of winning. His opponent is Tenma Hase."
— Kaito and Issa have no confidence in Haruto winning[src]

After Haruto and Sugimaru had been absent from school for some days, Kaito inquired about their whereabouts. He found out that the two of them were together, while Issa called Sugimaru's house and learned that he was in Kyoto. Issa guessed that they were probably at Sugimaru's family's dojo.[31] Several days later, the news that Haruto was planning to compete against Tenma at the "Manly Man Festival" had been released. Kaito had no confidence in Haruto's chances of winning, which he expressed to Airi, Issa, and Oto by saying "Haruto's got no chance of winning." He lamented that Haruto could not "quietly" lose since everyone knew about it.[32] Kaito still attended the festival to support Haruto with the others. He lost to Tenma in the first round, which disappointed Kaito though he was not surprised.[33]

Before the second round, Kaito had calculated that Haruto's chances of winning were only three percent. The others similarly lacked faith in him. Kaito told Haruto "Don't worry about shouldering the weight of Eitoku" just before he left. During the round, Kaito noticed something was wrong with Tenma and figured that Haruto had a chance to win. They were still shocked when Haruto actually won the round. Haruto won the contest by default, after Tenma choose not to participate in the final round.[34] Afterwards, Kaito met up with Issa, Sugimaru, and Airi. He noted the absence of Haruto and Oto, saying "It's gotta be the toughest on her."[35] The next morning, Kaito, Issa, and Sugimaru found Haruto at Shijo Ohashi Bridge, where he had spent a whole day waiting for Oto. Kaito's words of comfort were "All rain stops eventually, Haruto."[36]

Changes at Eitoku


Haruto tells Kaito about Kei Windsor

"It's a new year. Things need to change. Since the Manly Man Festival, applicants to Eitoku have increased forty-fold. It's all due to Haruto's efforts. And about the conflict we had with Momonozono until now, there was a suggestion that we join forces as two of the most elite schools."
—Kaito's speech at New Years'[src]

Back in Tokyo, Kaito learned about Tenma being injured in Kyoto and that Oto was with him at the time. He reasoned that she was unable to meet Haruto because of that. Haruto still believed he had been rejected by her and stated "It's all over."[37] After spending Christmas on Haruto's yacht, Kaito gathered the Correct 5 and Megumi for New Years' Eve at Tenma's request. He announced a suggestion for Eitoku and Momonozono to "join forces." Kaito then asked Tenma to come in the room. Tenma and Haruto made amends, therefore uniting the two schools.[38] Following the partnership, Eitoku experienced a rise in applications and popularity. The schools also began holding joint classes.[39] Eitoku and Momonozono later held a joint summer school, which took place at a beach resort. On the first day, Kaito and others went on Megumi's yacht, except Haruto.[40]

When they returned to the resort, the group soon realized that Haruto was missing. They learned that Haruto went on a snorkeling tour, which Oto also happened to be on. After questioning some students, they came to the conclusion that the two had been left behind in the ocean.[41] The pair were saved by Tenma and Airi, who brought them back to the resort. Issa suggested a celebration, which Kaito seconded. Haruto declined in order to return to Tokyo immediately that night.[42] Several days later, Kaito, Sugimaru, and Issa were in Hawaii which Airi had previously suggested to go to for Haruto's birthday. However, neither ended up coming. Kaito made the comment "Things have been really weird lately," which Sugimaru said was normal for Haruto. Once the other two walked off, Kaito murmured to himself that he was referring to Airi not Haruto.[43]

Worried about Airi, Kaito returned to Tokyo early. He first went to Oto's house, where he asked her about Airi. Oto told him that she had "been acting strange recently." He revealed that it was likely because of Airi's crush on Tenma, before leaving and saying "Let me know if something happens."[44] Next, Kaito went to Airi's house where he found Haruto by himself. Haruto's butler Kobayashi shortly burst in with an armful of documents full of details on the Kaguragi family and Oto.[45] Haruto then explained the whole situation to Kaito. Considering all of the information, Kaito surmised that Kei Windsor was "out to take over [Haruto's] life". He advised Haruto to go "explain everything" to Oto. Haruto refused, yelling "Maybe she's with him by choice!" Airi then arrived home and informed them that Oto was leaving for America with a friend. Haruto promptly ran off.[46]

Pursuing Airi


Haruto inspires Kaito to pursue Airi

"Knowing you, you've probably been thinking about all the things you've told me, and now you don't know what you should do. Don't worry about hurting me. Go ahead and keep coming to me for advice. These past few days, not hearing you say "Kaito listen to me" has been far worse."
—Kaito confesses his feelings to Airi[src]

Later, Haruto and Oto had finally begun dating. Kaito asked him if everything was over between her and Tenma. Haruto admitted "I don't know." Looking depressed, Kaito said "As long as you made your feelings known." He then left after saying "I envy you."[47] Later, Airi told Kaito that she asked Oto to be with Tenma. He criticized her for "thinking only of [her]self." She became angry, telling him he would not understand since he had never been in love. Kaito replied "Yes, I have" and looked at her when she asked who. He then left after saying "There's one more person whose feelings you're ignoring, mine!"[48] At the start of the second term, Kaito told Haruto about his crush. After receiving encouragement from Haruto, Kaito told Airi his feelings and decided to pursue her. She warned him "Don't come crying to me when you're in tatters," to which Kaito told her "Bring it."[6]

To help Kaito, Haruto arranged a double date at a park. Kaito questioned the location, saying "I don't like going to places for no reasons." Haruto encouraged him to talk about "different" things, though Kaito only succeeded in annoying her.[49] Amei also joined after everyone agreed it was okay. Later on, they separated to go on the pond. Kaito was left pedaling a swan boat while Oto and Airi talked in the back.[50] When Airi talked about Haruto and Amei being "sweethearts," Kaito told her "Everyone has a first crush," leading Oto to ask whether Airi was his and what he liked about her. Kaito said yes and listed her qualities, which all seemed bad though he found them "endearing." Afterwards, everyone except Oto went to Issa's welcome home party for Amei.[5] By the end of the night, Airi, Amei, and Haruto had disappeared. Kaito stayed up late playing pool with Sugimaru and Issa.[51]

The next morning, the Correct 5 arrived at school with Amei. They gave her a tour of their "Salon." Haruto then received a text from Oto about her father wanting to meet him. Kaito gave him information on her father from his student database. When Haruto replied "Ah, your typical nouveau riche," Kaito exclaimed "Don't you go saying that!"[52] It went badly and Haruto later reported to his friends that he needed a "do-over."[53] Sometime later, Kaito asked him if Amei had "messed up" things to which he said "not exactly." He then told Haruto "Stop torturing yourself and go see her." Haruto refused since he decided to wait for her, feeling there was a "reasonable explanation" for her not coming to see him yet. Kaito was impressed by his maturity until that night when Haruto rushed off after seeing Oto and Tenma in the background of a news segment.[54]

Los Angeles trip


Kaito and Airi after their first kiss

"I'm going to stop holding back from now on. Forget about Hase! I'll be by your side forever! Don't say that you're moving to L.A.! I'm the only guy who would go shopping with you for four hours! When you call in the middle of the night and keep me up until morning, I'm the only guy who wouldn't get ticked off. That pouty attitude of yours when things don't go your way. Your selfishness in taking out your anger on others. I've always liked you."
—Kaito confesses his feelings to Airi[src]

After Haruto left for Los Angeles, Kaito and the others followed along a day later. They arrived at the hotel and went for a tour of Tenma's school. Kaito felt that he was "in the way" which he later admitted to Oto. He confessed to her that "the thought of losing Airi" was becoming too much for him.[55] Kaito then walked away after asking Oto to make up an excuse for him. He went back to the hotel, where Airi later found him. She told him that she was thinking of studying abroad in LA after graduation. He responded "You should do whatever you want, Airi."[8] Later that day, Kaito told Haruto and Oto about Airi. Oto became angry with him for not telling Airi his true feelings. Kaito ran off and found Airi. He told her "I'm going to stop holding back from now on" and promised to be by her side forever. She then told him that she was not moving and the two shared their first kiss together.[7]

Afterwards, Kaito and Airi passed by a basketball court. A ball landed by him and he was able to shoot it through the hoop despite the long distance. As the two walked off, Airi called him "cool."[56] The next day, Tenma brought everyone to a party at Tsubaki Domyoji's house. Later on, Airi asked Kaito if she could speak to Tenma. He said "It's fine" to which she stated "You don't seem to care much..." Kaito then amended his statement to "Hurry back" which pleased Airi. She returned soon and told Kaito "I love you," startling him and making him blush. That night, they boarded Haruto's plane back to Japan.[57] They soon discovered that Tsukushi Makino had stowed away on the pane. While she slept, some of the others questioned whether she really was Tsukushi. Kaito was able to confirm her identity by looking at her pass, which had allowed her to board earlier.[58]

The next day, the Correct 5 and Oto went to see off Tsukushi, who was returning to LA. Kaito told her how much Haruto had changed since he was saved by Tsukasa Domyoji as a child.[59] Shortly later, Haruto surprised them by arriving with the F4. After they and Tsukushi left, the Correct 5 rejoiced in finally meeting their heroes.[60] A few days later, Kaito and the others decided not to go to Oto's party. They wanted to give her and Haruto some time alone since they had crashed their trip.[61] Issa then left after getting an invite from Sojiro Nishikado, while Sugimaru made up a quick excuse. Kaito said "Sugimaru's so obivious" to Airi. They then took a walk together.[62] Kaito went to Arisa Konno's wedding with the others on Christmas. Sometime later, Airi complained about him not calling her cute lately. He quickly said it, thinking "It's scary how cute she is when she's like this."[63]

Physical appearance

Like the other Correct 5 guys, Kaito was good-looking though perhaps not conventionally so. His hair was a bit longer than usual for most males. It stopped right around his shirt collar. Kaito's most recognizable feature was his wire-rimmed glasses which he was never seen without. At school, he wore the special Correct 5 uniform, while he wore surprisingly stylish clothing outside.

Personality and traits

Kaito was an extremely smart and organized person. He was particularly talented at computer programming, having created an app that had data on every student at Eitoku. Kaito was also great at research. Considered the mature one of the Correct 5, he was able to wrangle "all [the] different personalities" of the group. He was loyal to friends, which sometimes made him come off as callous to strangers. Kaito was similar to Oto in that they often sacrificed their own feelings for those they cared for. For example, Kaito had a crush on Airi since he was young though he still helped her with her crush on Haruto.

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