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"From the moment Tsukasa met Tsukushi Makino, his life has been nothing but hell! This latest incident will only further exhaust his patience for that girl. It's only a matter of time before Tsukasa kneels at my feet."

Kaede Domyoji (道明寺 楓 (どうみょうじ かえで) Dōmyōji Kaede) was the mother of Tsubaki and Tsukasa Domyoji. She was the executive director of Domyoji Group. Kaede disapproved of Tsukasa's relationship with Tsukushi Makino and made several attempts to force them apart.


Early life[]

Kaede won the first Teen of Japan contest. Afterwards, she met and married her husband.[1] Kaede eventually became executive director of her husband's company, Domyoji Group. She later gave birth to two children, Tsubaki and Tsukasa.

Tsubaki fell in love with an ordinary person in high school. Kaede did not approve of him used her influence to split the couple up. She then arranged for Tsubaki to marry the son of a hotel owner since Kaede wished to expand her hotel business at the time.[2] Afterwards, Tsubaki went to live in America with her husband.[3]

Adult life[]

By the time Tsukasa was in high school, Kaede had a strained relationship with her son. She was often away on business and did not see her son for months at a time.[4]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Kaede after Chieko poured salt on her

"I apologize for my directness. There's 300 million yen here. In exchange, I would like Tsukushi to stop seeing Tsukasa. I'm sorry for being rude, but it seems that your family is in financial trouble. As you know, Tsukasa has a future ahead of him. Now isn't the time for him to be tripping over little pebbles."
—Kaede attempts to bribe Tsukushi's family[src]

Kaede first met Tsukushi Makino in passing, when Tsukasa brought her to his home. Tsukushi attempted to get her attention, before Kaede's secretary Nishida had her escorted off the premises.[5] Nishida later reported to Kaede that Tsukasa was playing with puzzles again. Thinking something may be amiss, she ordered Nishida to investigate his behavior.[6] Her secretary acquired photos of Tsukushi in bed with a guy. Kaede showed the photos to Tsukasa and told him to not get involved with "such a corrupt girl." In New York, Nishida told her that Tsukasa was hospitalized and that he was with Tsukushi.[7]

She returned to Japan to confront Tsukasa about Tsukushi. Kaede told him that she had problem with him dating her if "it [was] just a fling." Her daughter later visited to ask her to accept Tsukasa's and Tsukushi's relationship. Kaede steadfastly refused, despite Tsubaki's pleadings. A day later, Kaede went to Tsukushi's home. In an attempt to bribe the family, she offered them money in exchange for her to stop seeing Tsukasa. Tsukushi's mother felt insulted by the proposition and poured salt on her. Kaede asked her one more time if she was sure, before leaving in a huff.[3] Following this attempt, Kaede enlisted Sakurako Sanjo to seduce her son away from Tsukushi.[8]

Kaede had Tsukushi's father fired from his job, which put the family in dire straits financially. Tsukushi confronted her, declaring that she would "never succumb to [Kaede's] will." Later, Tsubaki made a wager with her mother, telling her to leave Tsukushi alone if she won the Teen of Japan contest. Kaede invited Ayano Kurimaki, Tsukasa's arranged fiancée, to compete.[1] On the day of the TOJ, she made a bet with her son. If Tsukushi lost, Kaede promised to fix her financial situation and Tsukasa agreed to go to New York to study business. After Tsukushi lost, Kaede and Tsukasa were leaving via a private plane, when she showed up on the tarmac. Kaede asked Nishida to retrieve her sunglasses, thus allowing Tsukasa to briefly talk to Tsukushi.[9]

Trouble for Domyoji Group[]


Kaede orders Nishida to keep an eye on Tsukasa

"I'm sure you now realize how much chaos, your foolish words are capable of causing, don't you? Please don't tell me that you'd like to cancel your engagement to the daughter of Okawahara Corp, and that you'd rather be with that poor meager girl. This time it'll cast a greater shadow over many more lives than the previous incident."
—Kaede manipulates her son, Tsukasa[src]

Shortly after arriving in New York, Tsukasa said some careless words about Kaede at a party. Domyoji Group's future looked "insecure" to the public and their stocks fell. To offset some of the damage, the company had some large-scale layoffs. One of these casualties was Ken Uchida, who was a "big brother" figure to Tsukasa.[10][2] Ken approached Kaede to ask her to reconsider, which she refused. She proposed a deal that would keep Tsukasa in line and allow Ken to start his own business. First, Kaede asked Ken to behave as if his life was "ruined". She then arranged for him to fake his death in front of Tsukasa.[11] Afterwards, Kaede often mentioned the event to Tsukasa to manipulate him into doing what she wanted.[10]

At some point, Kaede reached an agreement with Tsukasa for him to break off contact with Tsukushi. In late 2006, she was not surprised when Tsukushi came to New York to see Tsukasa. Nishida later reported to her that Tsukasa "almost completely ignored [Tsukushi]", which made Kaede happy. Kaede then revealed her plan for her and her son to return to Japan in time for his birthday party. She also sent an invitation to Tsukushi.[12] At the party, Kaede announced Tsukasa's engagement to Shigeru Okawahara, the heiress to an oil magnate. Kaede had arranged the betrothal earlier with Shigeru's parents. She was anxious to form an alliance with Okawahara Corporation since she believed the oil industry would decide the fate of Domyoji Group.[13]

Tsukasa was opposed to the marriage. However, he reluctantly went along with her plan, when she told him that she had tried everything to save Domyoji Group. Kaede and Tsukasa later went to have dinner with Shigeru's parents. Midway through Tsukasa suddenly ran out of the room.[14] Kaede apologized profusely to Shigeru's parents, who promptly left. When Tsukasa returned home, she chastised him and reminded him about Ken. A few days later, Tsukasa accused her of having Tsukushi's father laid off from his job. Kaede told him that she did not even have the time to do that.[10] By February, Domyoji Group's net worth had fallen 30%. Kaede had dinner with Shigeru, before heading back to New York. Shigeru informed her that her father had "pretty much" agreed to the engagement.[15]

Failed merger[]


Kaede places Domyoji Group in Tsukasa's hands

Kaede: "I'm giving you one last chance."
Tsukasa: "You gotta be kidding! Firing Nishida and cutting off my cards... What you're doing is so petty!"
Kaede: "Is that your answer?"
— Kaede before revealing the cancelled merger[src]

Kaede brought former head maid Tama out of retirement, before she went to New York. She was intending to have Tama watch Tsukasa and keep Tsukushi away from the home.[16] Several days later, Kaede returned to Japan. She felt that Tama was "hiding something" from her and asked if Tsukushi had been at the mansion. Kaede became agitated when Tama confirmed that she had visited often. She then forbade Tsukushi from entering the mansion again. To this Tama responded by saying "you have no right to interfere". The next day, Kaede and Tsukasa went to dinner with Shigeru and her parents. Shigeru suddenly announced that she wanted to cancel the wedding. She also asked her father to continue with the merger anyway.[17]

Later, Kaede discovered that Tsukasa and Tsukushi had started dating again. He told her that he was "serious" about being with Tsukushi. After this, Kaede cut off his credit cards and fired Nishida, who had been supporting him. That night, she informed Tsukasa that Shigeru's father had canceled the merger, causing a huge blow to Japan's economy. She then gave Tsukasa a final chance to end things with Tsukushi. When he rejected the offer, Kaede disowned him. A couple days later, Tsukushi visited her office. She promised to break up with Tsukasa as long as Kaede could fix Domyoji Group's situation.[18] Kaede later found a chance for the company to be saved. She still refused to reinstate Tsukasa as heir, believing he would come back on his own.[11]

Tsukasa was hurt while going to see Tsukushi. He suffered from memory loss and had forgot Tsukushi. Kaede allowed him to come back home for this reason. A few days later, he went on a skiing trip and became loss in the snow with Tsukushi. Kaede saw this on the news. Ken then walked into her office to confront her about not sending a rescue team for Tsukasa. She, however, was more concerned about Ken walking around freely. He told her that Tsukasa already knew and that he acted surprisingly calm about it. A day later, Toyama, an entrepreneur, came to Kaede with an invention that would help Domyoji Group. Tsukushi had saved his life and he came to Domyoji Group because he had heard she was engaged to Tsukasa. After this and some words from Tsubaki, Kaede decided to reinstate Tsukasa as heir.[19]

Tsukasa's wedding[]


Kaede smiles at Tsukasa's wedding

In early 2011, Tsukasa formally announced his wedding with Tsukushi. Her parents came to Kaede with some concerns about Tsukushi marrying into a wealthy family. Kaede introduced them to her old friend. He devised a long trial for the couple. Kaede kicked off the journey by gifting Tsukushi a tiara, which was presented as an old family heirloom. A few months later, Kaede hugged the couple, happy that survived the ordeal intact. The same day, she attended their wedding at Yebisu Garden Place.[20]

Physical appearance[]

Kaede was a well-dressed and elegant woman. She wore clothes that suited a woman of her financial status. She would usually put her brown hair in a bun style, though she occasionally wore it down.

Personality and traits[]

Tsubaki described her as a "cold-hearted and cruel woman," who "will go to any lengths to have things done her way." She had bad relations with both her children since she generally placed Domyoji Group above their feelings and well-being. As such, she always acted in the best interest of the company. However, Kaede changed drastically after relinquishing control of the company to Tsukasa.


Kaede is a female given name (楓; かえで), which means "maple."[21] After marriage, Kaede took her husband's surname Domyoji (道明寺; どうみょうじ), which is made up of three kanji. It means "path," "way," "street," etc. (道),[22] the second "bright," "light" (明),[23] and the third "temple" (寺).[24]

Behind the scenes[]

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