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"We've got to squish the bug quickly before the Domyoji name comes to further harm. I thought it might be a little early, but let us proceed with the plan immediately. The fate of the Domyoji Zaibatsu is at stake. I won't let it be left at the mercy of Tsukasa's whim."
—Kaede Domyoji[src]

Kaede Domyoji (道明寺 楓 (どうみょうじ かえで) Dōmyōji Kaede) was the mother of Tsubaki and Tsukasa. Along side her husband, she was one of the heads of Domyoji Group. They lived in New York City. Kaede was against Tsukasa's relationship with Tsukushi Makino and tried to force them apart by arranging his engagement to Shigeru Okawahara.


Adult life[]

Kaede and her husband had two children together, Tsubaki and Tsukasa. They lived in New York City, where Domyoji Group was operated. As such, they did not see their children often, except for once every year or so. Kaede was primarily in charge of managing The Maple Hotel, a global chain named after her.[1][2]

Meeting Tsukushi[]


Kaede after Chieko poured salt on her

Kaede: "Miss Makino. Thank you very much for coming here today. Do you see now, how things stand?"
Tsukushi: "Yes."
Kaede: "Do you? You're a bright person. You will surely meet a boy who's right for you."
— Kaede to Tsukushi after announcing Tsukasa's fiancée[src]

On Tsukasa's eighteenth birthday, Kaede returned home to hold his party. She paid close attention to the details, saying "Nothing must go wrong at a Domyoji party." Later that night, Kaede spotted Tsukasa chatting with a girl, Tsukushi Makino. She ordered Tsukasa to introduce her, which he did saying "This is the most important woman in my life."[3] Kaede asked him "You do know what it means, for you to call her that?" Rui Hanazawa claimed that Tsukushi was the daughter of a company president. Sensing the lie, Kaede tested her by having her play an instrument. When Tsukushi ended up just banging the keys of the piano, Kaede confronted Tsukasa. He told her "What can I do? I love her," leading her to slap him. Tsubaki then yelled at Tsukasa to leave. Kaede tried to stop, but he managed to escape with Tsukushi.[2]

Later that night, Kaede learned about Tsukushi's background from an investigator and her secretary, Nishida. She declared "We've got to squish the bug quickly." The next morning, Tsubaki asked her about her plans for Tsukasa, saying "Don't tell me you'll be as cruel as you were to me!" Kaede resented this as she felt that Tsubaki should be thankful for her life. Later, she went to the Makinos' house and tried to bribe them in order for Tsukushi "to give Tsukasa up."[4] Her mother rejected the offer by pouring salt on Kaede. She departed shortly. That night, Kaede had Tsukasa and Tsukushi brought to her hotel. There she announced Tsukasa's fiancée, Shigeru Okawahara.[5] Kaede asked Tsukushi "Do you see, now, how things stand?," to which she answered "Yes." Tsukasa ran off shortly, taking Shigeru with him by mistake.[6]

Continued opposition[]


Kaede formulates a new plan

Tsukushi: "You're probably afraid that the day will come, when he will no longer need your world, or you."
Kaede: "Being young is a wonderful thing, but the young make many mistakes. Tsukasa's feelings for you are temporary. When he matures, he will see that you are unworthy of him."
— Part of Kaede's confrontation with Tsukushi[src]

A few days later, Nishida reported to Kaede that Tsukasa and Shigeru were meeting each other regularly, which made her happy. Kaede then asked about Tsukushi. He informed her that Tsukushi was not seeing Tsukasa outside of school, but Shigeru was visiting her often.[7] A couple days later, Nishida made another report to Kaede about Tsukasa going to the Okawaharas' villa. After learning that Tsukushi went there as well, Kaede stated "It seems we'll have to put a stop to that girl."[8] She subsequently arranged for Tsukushi to pass the exam for the exchange student program. When Nishida made a report to Kaede about it, Tsukasa overheard. He shouted at her "I don't consider you my mother!" She reminded him of his "free and easy life," to which he yelled "I didn't ask to be born into this rotten family!"[9]

When Tsukasa returned home in the morning, Kaede had him locked in his room and posted guards at his door. Shew was confronted by Tsubaki. Shortly, Nishida escorted Tsukushi, Shigeru, and Tsukasa's friends into the room. Kaede and Tsukushi had a long confrontation, which ended in them both slapping each other after Tsukushi told her "If they took the Domyoji 'brand' away from you, there would probably be nothing left." Finally, Tsukushi left when Tsukasa jumped out of a window for her.[10] Kaede later had her son and Shigeru pulled out of Eitoku. She proceeded with the wedding some three months later. Following the ceremony, the couple was leaving on a cruise. Tsukushi jumped onto the ship at the last second. Instead of stopping it, Kaede called the captain to ask him to look after Tsukasa and Tsukushi.[11]

Physical appearance[]

She was a middle-aged woman with sharp features, possibly hinting at her severe personality. Nevertheless, Kaede could be considered pretty and elegant. Her hair was most often worn up in a bun. When down, her hair was quite long and reached below her shoulders. Kaede's typical outfits consisted of blouses paired with skirts, high heels, and lots of jewelry.

Personality and traits[]

Kaede was known for her ruthlessness, especially in business. She was willing to do anything to expand her own business, even using her own children. Kaede opposed Tsukasa's relationship with Tsukushi not only because of her socioeconomic status, but because it hinted that she may not be able to control him. To regain control, she immediately arranged an advantageous match with the Okawaharas' daughter. Kaede continued to try to hold on to some semblance of control.


Kaede's given name (楓; かえで) means "maple."[12] Her business The Maple Hotel is named after her.[2] Kaede took her husband's surname, Domyoji (道明寺; どうみょうじ), after marriage. It contains three kanji, meaning "path," "way," "street," etc. (道),[13] the second "bright," "light" (明),[14] and the third "temple" (寺).[15]

Behind the scenes[]

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