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"I'm really sorry for giving you all that trouble. But someday... I'm gonna have a fair fight with Domyoji. I'm gonna settle the score."
—Junpei to Tsukushi[src]

Junpei Oribe (織部 順平 (おりべ じゅんぺい) Oribe Junpei), also known as Jun (ジュン () ), was a model and former student at Eitoku Academy. He briefly befriended Tsukushi Makino in order to get to Tsukasa Domyoji.


Early life[]

Junpei was good friends with his neighbor. He always saved Junpei from bullies and was generally regarded as a "good guy". One day, Junpei's friend stood up to Tsukasa Domyoji, who then assaulted him. Tsukasa's family paid his family off to avoid going to court.[1]

High school[]


Junpei on the cover of Treasures with Tsukushi

He later enrolled at Eitoku Academy and began plotting to avenge his friend. Junpei also became a popular, up-and-coming model during this time. At school, he changed his hairstyle and wore glasses in order to go unnoticed. He befriended Tsukushi Makino during his second year. Junpei hoped to draw Tsukasa's notice by appearing with Tsukushi on the cover of Treasures. He later placed a red card in Tsukushi's locker. After she returned from New York, Junpei saved her from the bullies, though it was actually a ruse to kidnap her. Tsukushi managed to escape her bonds. Tsubaki Domyoji arrived and had her bodyguards apprehend Junpei and his cohorts. Later, Junpei apologized to Tsukushi and submitted his withdrawal from Eitoku.[1]

Physical appearance[]

An up-and-coming model, Junpei was good-looking and popular due to his so-called "mysterious charisma". He had brown eyes and medium-length, brown hair. At school, he wore glasses and used his hair to obscure his face. It was effective since none of his classmates recognized him.

Personality and traits[]

Junpei was a good actor, who was able to easily manipulate Tsukushi. He presented himself to Tsukushi as a naive, happy-go-lucky guy. Junpei disliked his classmates and tried to be as "unnoticeable" as possible. He was also a loyal friend and went to great lengths to obtain revenge for his friend.

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes

  • He is featured on the Returns character chart, though his photo could not be used due to a policy with Ikuta's agency Johnny & Associates at the time.
  • Sakurako kidnapping Tsukushi in the fifth episode of Hana Yori Dango is similar to Junpei's actions in the manga. The situation is also referenced by Junpei in Returns, when he tells her "This has happened to you before, hasn't it?"



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