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"Seeing you getting beaten up for Makino's sake, I knew then that you weren't the same person anymore."
—Junpei to Tsukasa[src]

Junpei Oribe (織部 順平 (おりべ じゅんぺい) Oribe Junpei), also known by his stage name Jun (ジュン () ), was a former student at Eitoku Academy and a model for the magazine, Treasures. He sought out revenge on Tsukasa Domyoji for hurting his older brother. Junpei befriended Tsukushi Makino and used her as a lure to achieve his means.


Early life[]

Junpei was the second of two sons. He was close to his brother, whom he described as having a "strong sense of justice." His brother attended Eitoku Academy during middle school and stood up to the F4. Tsukasa Domyoji kicked him so hard that his intestines ruptured. According to Junpei, his brother "changed" afterwards.[1] His brother recovered and transferred to a school in Kobe.[2]

High school[]

By high school, Junpei began working as a model under the name Jun (ジュン () ). He was an exclusive model for the magazine, Treasures.[3] He later met four other guys whom all had grudges against Tsukasa at a club. Junpei then began his plans to get revenge on Tsukasa in earnest.[1]

Revenge plot[]


Junpei and Tsukushi at the photo shoot

"There was a guy who was nearly killed when he went against the F4. Domyoji kicked him in the stomach. Ruptured his intestines. We tried to take him to court, but his father used his money to cover it up. My brother changed after that. He's afraid. He doesn't believe in himself or anything else. I couldn't stand to see my brother like that."
—Junpei tells Tsukushi about his brother[src]

Junpei first approached Tsukushi Makino at school when she was being harassed by Yuriko Asai and her friends. He made the girls leave her alone by dropping his books on them. Junpei talked to her again during lunch and pretended to meet her by coincidence after she got off of work. He brought her to a photo shoot, where he had her pose for some photos.[4] One made the cover of Treasures which angered Tsukushi. He hugged her until she said forgave him. Tsukasa, who happened to be watching, confronted Tsukushi about the photo. Junpei gradually goaded Tsukasa into attacking him, which distressed Tsukushi. He eventually walked her away from Tsukasa. Junpei later put doubts in Tsukushi's mind about Tsukasa, before placing a red card in her locker.[3]

Going against their plan, Junpei's partners brought Tsukushi to the old gym by themselves which made him angry. Once alone with Tsukushi, he revealed his reasons for wanting revenge on Tsukasa. Tsukushi did not sympathize with him, instead calling him a "coward." When Tsukasa arrived, the others started beating him up. Junpei only tried to hit him once with a chair. Tsukushi blocked him, leading Junpei to leave with his accomplices.[1] Later, Junpei visited the hospital where Tsukushi and Tsukasa were being treated. He admitted that he felt Tsukasa had changed from whom he thought he was, but did not regret his actions. He then apologized to Tsukushi for hurting her. She refused to forgive him. Junpei said "If it weren't for Domyoji being in love with you, I would've wanted us to be friends," before leaving.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Being a professional model, Junpei was best known for his handsome looks. He was particularly popular among high school girls, including his classmates at Eitoku. A simple disguise of glasses and a change in hairstyle allowed Junpei to essentially be invisible at school.

Personality and traits[]

Junpei was called "twisted" by Tsukasa, though he was ironically the person who made him so. He was basically a normal, happy child until his brother was hurt. Junpei hated seeing his brother become mistrustful towards people, which prompted him to decide to get revenge. He initially had no qualms about using Tsukushi against Tsukasa. In the end, he felt remorseful for hurting her and apologized. Junpei did not feel guilt about his actions toward Tsukasa, instead feeling that they were now even.

Behind the scenes[]

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