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"If Tsukasa hadn't been in love with you, I would have wanted us to be friends for real."
—Junpei to Tsukushi[src]

Junpei Oribe (織部 順平 (おりべ じゅんぺい) Oribe Junpei) was a former student at Eitoku Academy. He used the name Jun (ジュン () ) when he was working as a model for Treasures. Junpei was the younger brother of Shingo Oribe, a former classmate of Tsukushi Makino. He became close to Tsukushi in order to get revenge on Tsukasa Domyoji.


Early life[]


Junpei as a child

Junpei was the result of an affair between his father and mistress. At three years old, he came to live with his father, stepmother, and older brother Shingo. One day, he and his brother fell down the stairs. Their mother unconsciously checked on Shingo first. Her reaction had a profound effect on Junpei, who thought "Oh, is that why?" years later when he learned she was not his biological mother.[2]

When he was younger, Junpei befriended a neighbor who attended Eitoku Academy. His friend told him about the F4. Junpei encouraged him to stand up to them, saying "They couldn't beat you!"[3] Tsukasa Domyoji beat him up so badly that his internal organs were crush. Junpei's friend ended up moving to Kobe.[4]

High school[]

As a first year high school student, Junpei began attending Eitoku Academy. He was likely able to pay for the tuition through his job as a model for Treasures. Junpei worked under the name, Jun (ジュン () ).[5] He wore a simple disguise at Eitoku to avoid being recognized.[6]

Revenge plot[]


Junpei modeling for Treasures

"There was a boy in the neighborhood who went to middle school at Eitoku. He was really good to me. Like a big brother. Things weren't too good at our house, so I'd go to his house to play. And in the end, Domyoji kicked him in the stomach and ruptured his intestines. His parents wanted to sue them, but Domyoji's father used his money to hush things up."
—Junpei explains to Tsukushi why he wants revenge on Tsukasa[src]

Junpei met four others whom also had grudges against Tsukasa. He partnered with them and they all vowed to beat Tsukasa "until he was nearly dead."[4] Junpei met Tsukushi Makino when she visited his brother. He offered to walk her to the station. The next day at school, Junpei met Tsukushi but she did not recognize him at first.[6] Junpei played up an innocent act by pretending to be ignorant of the ways of the F4. He extended a hand in friendship to her which she accepted.[7] Junpei then invited her to go with him to work. He convinced the photographer to take a few of him and Tsukushi. He assured her the pictures would not be used, but one was put on the magazine's cover. She nearly ended their friendship until faked some tears. He then hugged her when he noticed Tsukasa watching.[5]

When Tsukasa approached them, Junpei goaded him while continuing his innocent act. Tsukasa pushed him against a wall. Junpei then asked Tsukushi "Do you love this guy?" She shouted "I don't like anybody!" After Tsukasa confessed his feelings for her, Junpei guided a shocked Tsukushi away. His disguise was also ruined exposing his identity.[8] Junpei later told Tsukushi about his family situation and felt that she could understand him. On their way home, a potted plant was thrown at Tsukushi but Junpei protected her. He then told her that Tsukasa could be the culprit.[2] A red card was later placed in Tsukushi's locker, causing her to be targeted again. Junpei protected her by beating up the bullies. When she woke up, he lied and said he ran away instead of fighting. Junpei left briefly and returned to find her gone.[9]

Junpei was annoyed with his accomplices for taking Tsukushi to the abandoned building ahead of time. He had them leave him alone with her. Junpei admitted to her that he was behind everything and tried to explain his reasons for wanting revenge. She yelled at him "You're nothing like the kind Junpei I knew!"[3] When Tsukasa arrived, the other guys started beating him up. Junpei was going to hit him with a chair, but Tsukushi threw herself in front of Tsukasa. He then declared "That's enough" and left with the other guys.[10] Junpei later visited Tsukushi and Tsukasa at the hospital. He apologized to her for using her, saying "I did a terrible thing to you. Forgive me." She told him "It's too late to be sorry." Junpei looked sad and said "If Tsukasa hadn't been in love with you, I would have wanted us to be friends for real."[4]

Physical appearance[]

Junpei was considered very good-looking, being a popular up-and-coming model. He was already well known enough for him to have to wear a disguise at school to avoid detection. His disguise was simple but convincing, changing his hair a bit and wearing glasses. Tsukushi described him as "sexless," which contrasted with how most girls thought of him. Junpei, however, deliberately portrayed himself this way in order to trick Tsukushi.

Personality and traits[]

He was greatly effected by his parentage, describing it as making him feel like a "burden" or "stain."[3] Junpei took to hiding his true feelings by constantly joking and laughing to everyone, including his family. During his childhood, he was able to find solace in a friend. However, after his friend was hurt by Tsukasa, Junpei felt guilty for encouraging him to fight. Junpei turned to revenge and was even willing to manipulate Tsukushi in the process. Ultimately, he did not feel sorry for injuring Tsukasa, but felt remorse for hurting Tsukushi.

Financial strength

Behind the scenes[]

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Character notes


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Junpei in the anime

  • He is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in four episodes of the Boys Over Flowers anime (1997).[12] Most of Junpei's background is omitted aside from switching his friend to being his brother. Junpei's brother, whose name is not mentioned, was nearly killed by Tsukasa during middle school. In high school, he decides to get revenge after meeting several others whom also have grudges against Tsukasa. Junpei befriends Tsukushi to use her in his plan and later apologizes to her, though she does not accept it. His overall portrayal is nearly identical to the manga.

Lin Zu En as Xiao Shun

  • In Meteor Garden (2001), he is played by Lin Zu En as Xiao Shun. He is an amalgamation of Junpei and Seinosuke Amakusa, though he shares more similarities with Junpei. Like in the manga, Xiao Shun is the product of an affair though in this version he was abandoned by both of his parents. He had attempted suicide, but was saved by an individual who became a close friend. After Si (Tsukasa) injured his friend, Xiao Shun began to plot his revenge. He befriends Shan Cai (Tsukushi) as a part of his plans.

Toma Ikuta as Junpei


Ryo Kimura as Junpei


Zhao Huan Ran as Yan Shun Ping



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