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Jung Sang-rok (Hangul: 정상록) was an employee of Shinhwa Group, specifically the secretary of Kang Hee-soo.


Working for Hee-soo[]

After an attempted suicide at Shinhwa School, Sang-rok reported to his boss Kang Hee-soo that the company was trying its best to "extinguish the bad publicity." She was upset with him for allowing one of the articles to mention Gu Jun-pyo. That night, Sang-rok was sent to offer a scholarship to Geum Jan-di, the girl whom saved the suicidal student. Despite her family's enthusiasm, Jan-di tried to turn it down. Her mother insisted that she accept.[1] Some days later, Sang-rok arrived with Hee-soo for an auction held at her home. There he met Jan-di, who was with Gu Jun-pyo and his friends. Sang-rok did not recognize her until during the action, when Hee-soo asked if he knew her. He only told her that she was a student at Shinhwa.[2]

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