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Jung Ga-hee (Hangul: 정가희, born August 30, 1989) is an actress from South Korea. She portrayed Shizuka Todo in the 2017 production, Boys Over Flowers: The Musical.



In 2011, Jung played Natalie Goodman in the Korean production of the rock musical Next to Normal. She starred in Jeolm-eum-ui Haengjin (젊음의 행진) as Oh Young-sim from November 2015 to April 2016. Jung rotated the role with comedienne Shin Bo-ra. Both actresses returned to the role in the November 2016 production.

Jung has also had roles in Dambaegage Agassi (담배가게 아가씨), Audition (오디션), and All Shook Up. In 2017, she costarred in Boys Over Flowers: The Musical as Shizuka Todo and Evil Dead as Linda.



  • Next to Normal (November 2011-February 2012)
  • Dambaegage Agassi (May 2014-March 2015)
  • Audition (February-March 2015)
  • Dalbich-yojeong-gwa Sonyeo (May 2015)
  • Jeolm-eum-ui Haengjin (November 2015-April 2017)
  • All Shook Up (June-August 2016)
  • Boys Over Flowers: The Musical (February-May 2017)
  • Evil Dead (June-September 2017)
  • The Musical Festival in Galaxy (September 2017)


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